Vancouver limousines are the best way to get around Vancouver for those extra-special events. The creature comforts of the limousine itself and competency of a professional chauffeur ensures that your special event will become an unforgettable experience for you and for all those involved.

Yet there are certain limitations to using this service. And one of the most significant is the money needed to hire out a Vancouver limo. You need to carefully check what your needs are in order to accurately estimate the expenses you will be incurring. These are the three factors affecting limousine bills that are within your control:

Limousine Service Provider - The prices that limousine service providers offer vary from establishment to establishment. Vancouver limousine services are no different: big-name providers charge the most for their services, while relative new-comers to the limousine service business get a slice of the pie by offering less expensive deals to potential clients to win them over.

Here is a tip on selecting a good provider: age does not necessarily mean perfection. A Vancouver limousine service may have been around for a long time, and have an excellent track record to prove it, but younger establishments can match the services, if not exceed them, for a reduced price. So be sure to go over the list of services and compare prices. You may make a bargain with the right choice.

Length of Time for Use - How long you hire a limousine out, whether you are riding it or not, will definitely affect the bill you will have to pay at the end of the day. So the less time you hire out the limousine, the less you will have to pay. Extending the time-frame as needed will definitely net you a higher bill, so plan carefully and hire out a Vancouver limousine only for as long as you need it.

However, limousine service providers usually charge a minimum of two to three hours. The logic behind this is that one hour services is not cost-effective, as the hassle of preparing the vehicle and bringing it to and fro the establishment would be impractical and financially taxing.

Limousine Model - As previously mentioned, selecting more exotic limousine models run up higher bills. Thus, sticking to a more basic luxury sedan will help minimize the expenses. Resist the temptation (or the sales talk pressure) to sign up for more expensive models if you are strapped for cash.

But you still have to take into consideration the number of passengers you will be having on board. Limousines do not come in only a few sizes: larger limousines can accommodate more occupants and will allow for a little more leg-room than usual. Keep this carefully in mind when you are selecting a Vancouver limousine from the list of available limousines.

Just keep in mind that restricted expenses does not mean you should sacrifice the precious and significant moments of your life. Learn how to plan ahead, and you will find the perfect Vancouver limousine service to fit your needs without having to break the bank.