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You don't want your blog to end up as inactive but you're wondering how to keep it going. Here are ways to keep it going as well as ways to be prepared for dry spells in writing.

If you keep ahead of the game, you will never run out of posts and you will have a better chance of building up some revenue faster. In most cases, it takes a good 6 months to develop an income with a blog.

Assuming you have already chosen a subject that you have a high interest in and have a lot to say about, make sure you have a running list of titles you can post. This list should consist of at least 75-100 titles which are not similar. You do not want to repeat yourself in different posts. You want to build a captive audience as well as attract new readers.

Set a goal of writing several articles at one time. For instance, If you begin writing three posts at a time, you are building a supply for times when you don't have a lot of time to create them. Only post one at a time and you should plan on posting at least 3 times per week on a regular basis. This is the minimum. If you decide to do more, don't go overboard or you may burn out and have nothing to post. It's better to have a secret vault of future posts that you can use when you're in need. Keep a folder on your computer for your list, one for your finished blogs and one for your unfinished blogs. This just will keep you more organized in keeping up with your blog.

Stay ahead of the times. If you've got a wedding blog, you should keep up on new trends by reading wedding magazines. You should go on wedding sites and be looking for new ideas in forums. There are tons of ways to get new ideas by keeping educated on the subject that you are blogging about. Keep up with your new blog by staying current with your subject. Doing research on the internet and being aware of new magazines coming out on your subject will always give you fresh and new ideas.

These ideas should help you begin a good start with your new blog and help you to keep the posts under control to insure the best revenue.


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