In an attempt to save costs while still maintaining a safe and well run house, many people seemed to have stopped paying as much attention to the aesthetic appeal of their home.  It seems more and more homeowners are focused on spending any allocated house funds on replacing items that need to be upgraded or fixed and less on decorative items, which is a safe and responsible approach.. However, the ideas of decoration and function do not need to be separate. In fact there are many ways someone can continue to keep their home running smoothly while keeping it from appearing thoughtless or dated. Here are just a few ideas to upgrade the home while adding style and visual appeal at the same time.

1. Use the regular exterior maintenance needs of your house as a chance to upgrade colors and materials. Painting, window trim, and sidings all come in a variety of hues too numerous to count. New front doors, screens, and security doors offer a wide range of motifs and metal work that can be a beautiful compliment to your home’s overall style.

2. Basic additions to a home’s interior for safety offer another opportunity to highlight design work. Fireplace screens and stairway rails are two examples of items necessary to keep household members safe that often feature intricate scroll and iron work. Choosing candlestick holders and lanterns to provide lighting in an outage is another way to add artful elements to the home.

3. Household fixtures that eventually need replacing come in a large array of styles and allow a homeowner to create an updated feel to the home’s most used areas. Kitchen appliances, faucets, and flooring choices all showcase the homeowner’s aesthetic and practical needs.

4. Furniture gets used and worn and is the place where the most options are available when replaced. Retro pieces that are in good shape might be found at a consignment or resale shop. New stores offer contemporary and modern designs with optimal function.

The list of items that offer a chance for decoration and expression of style while still doing their job of increasing a home’s longevity and safety can keep growing and growing. Every decision made when spending money on repairs and replacements is a chance to make an appealing style choice or simply a functional one. The process of running and maintaining a house easily turns into one of also beautifying  the home when those choices are made thoughtfully.