Keeping Your Cell Phone In Good Condition

In today's society it seems like everyone and their mother has a cell phone. Most people purchase their cell phones at a discounted rate by signing a contract for a certain amount of years with their service provider; the most common contract that is signed is for 3 years. Cell phones can be pretty expensive when opting to purchase them without a contract. With that being said, in order to continually get the best prices on your cell phones it is notable that you should make the cell phone last until the contract has expired. This way you will be able to purchase your next one with a new contract; furthermore, receiving the same discount that you had received previously.

Although they have made cell phones more durable than when they had first been introduced in 1973, they are nowhere close to bulletproof! In order to ensure that their good condition is maintained, extra steps must be taken. After all, your cell phone is a relatively expensive investment, so I am sure that you will want to keep it in as good of a condition as possible. This article is designed to provide you with tips and tricks so that you too can keep your cell phone looking, feeling, and acting as if you had just bought it yesterday; follow them properly, and you can even maintain its resale value as much as possible to recuperate some of the funds for your next cell phone.

Use A Screen Protector

If I could only use one tip to keep my cell phone in good condition it would definitely be this one. Remember how the screen looked on the first day that you got your cell phone? You are probably remembering clear, shiny, and new. Well you would be amazed at the things that would ruin the perfection of the screen; things such as coins, keys, currency bills, buttons, and even loose threads. The coincidence is that these are the things that are most commonly found in your pocket...the place that most people keep their cell phone. The screen on your cell phone was not meant to be durable in any way other than staying in one piece; the addition of a screen protector extends this durability to include scratches, scuffs, and marks. With costs as low as $5, a screen protector will be the greatest investment that you will ever make in regards to keeping your cell phone in good condition.

Use A Cell Phone Case

Just like the screen protector ensures that the screen of the cell phone stays in good condition, the case ensures that the body of the cell phone is kept in good condition. Some cell phones include a case when you buy them, while others must be purchased separately after the cell phone. Although they can be fairly costly at an average of $30, they are an investment worth making; after all, you will be protecting your cell phone that is worth several hundred dollars, so the $30 doesn't look as intimidating. The great thing about these aside from the protection that they offer is that they can easily be used to carry your cell phone if you don't have pockets or anywhere to store it. A cell phone case is a great investment when trying to keep your cell phone in good condition; it can be a bit costly, but with the cost of your cell phone in mind it doesn't seem so bad.

Don't Charge Your Battery Unless Needed

This tip is regarding your cell phone's performance; you should not only be focusing on aesthetics when trying to keep your cell phone in good condition. Almost every cell phone ever created uses a lithium ion battery to provide it with power. Although lithium ion batteries provide power in an efficient manner, they also lose a small percentage of their full charge capability with every single recharge. This means that your cell phone's maximum recharge level will become lower every time that you plug it in. To lessen this effect, you should only recharge it when the battery has reached under 25 percent of the full charge. This will allow the lithium ion battery in your cell phone to have a longer life of full power. Recharging your battery sparingly is a key factor when trying to keep your cell phone in good condition.

Clean Your Cell Phone Often

This tip is a mix of aesthetic and performance maintenance. Keeping your cell phone in good condition involves cleaning the dirt off of it as often as needed. You cell phone is full of cracks and crevices that dirt and mites love to crawl into; eventually not only will this dirty the cell phone aesthetically, but also affect the its performance when the dirt gets into the circuitry. One of the easiest and cost-free ways to do this is to simply take a dry cloth and pass it over the surface of the phone a few times; this will remove any dirt that is found on the surface of the phone. However, one in a while you should purchase a can of compressed air, and spray it into the cracks and crevices that are found all over the phone; this will remove any dirt that is found in those small areas including all of the buttons. This is a minor task, and for that reason should be done often; some recommend doing it as often as once every two days. Clean your cell phone as often as you can and you will have no problem keeping it in good condition.

Cell phones are becoming more and more common each day that technology progresses. They are relatively cheap when they are purchased with a service provider's contract; however, they should optimally last the entirety of the contract so that the next one can be purchased with the same discount. Keeping your cell phone in good condition can be an easy task to adhere to if you are aware of the ways to do it; use the tips provided in this article and it maintaining its "like new" condition should not be a problem.