Puppies are great to have around, however, it is important to keep them healthy and up to day with all of their vaccines and check ups they need. Even if you feel as if your puppy is healthy, it is still best to take him in to the vet at the recommended time to be sure. Just because you aren't seeing any signs, doesn't mean that he isn't ill. Your yearly check ups should be done to ensure that your dog will be with you for a long time.
It is very important to take your puppy in when he is two months old.
At their two month check up your vet will do a thorough exam checking your dog's temperature and asking you questions regarding your dog. They will also give you tips on helping your dog will social behavior and manners, diet, grooming, and nail trimming. Your vet will then check your dog for intestinal parasites. Your vet may want you to bring in a fresh sample of your dog's stool to test. Then, your dog will get its distemper vaccination. At their two month check up they will receive their first heart worm preventative.
At 3 months you will need to bring your dog in again for a similar exam as when he was 2 months. The vet will check to make sure nothing is wrong and continue on with the vaccinations. An intestinal parasite check, second distemper vaccination, second heart worm preventative, and a first lyme's disease vaccination will be done. You can opt out of getting the lyme's vaccination if you do not live or vacation in heavily wooded areas. Lyme's disease is caused by ticks getting inside your dog, which gives them lifetime problems and could lead to death. If the owners live in the city and their dog doesn't leave the city, they may find it unnecessary. If your dog will have exposure to other dogs then your vet may recommend getting the kennel cough vaccination.
At the 4 month check up there will be an exam like the previous months. Also, your puppy will receive its third distemper vaccination, third heart worm preventative, and its third and last lyme's disease vaccination.
After 6 months you are able to get your dog spayed if its a female or neutered if its a male. You are not required to do this and it usually depends on the owners. Some owners do not spade or neuter their dog until after two years. Others want to breed and do not get them fixed until much later. At 6 months however, you are requires by law to get a rabies shot.
Keeping your dog healthy is pretty simple and only requires you to take your puppy into the vet. Please keep in mind that when they are adult dogs they will still need to be seen by the vet for a regular booster. By keeping your puppy and adult dog healthy, you will be able to keep them around for a while. Dogs are great family pets for all ages to enjoy.

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