Especially in the beginning of your making money online adventure it's hard to keep your pace when the your really not sure what you are completely doing yet. Even if we have specific instructions on what do humans by nature like to fumble through things on their own. This will slow us down from creating that passive income that we need and want but we tend to meander through it and get through to the other side. Not making money fast tends to dwindle our motivation at times and something is needed to keep you going at full speed when creating websites and your original content.

This is the time where practicing good habits to develop a great consistent flow of work that needs to be accomplished now and in the future. Creating unique content, getting targeted keyword anchored backlinks, SEO research, keyword niche brainstorming, and setting up wordpress blogs, or whatever content management software package you are using. Redundant and mind numbing work that needs to be second nature to an Internet marketer. If you can create 10 400-600 word creatively unique articles or content per day - you would most likely replace your day job in just a few months. That is if the niches you chose can support the money you are looking for to complete your financial goals.

What Motivates You to Make Money From The Internet
When you start wandering away from your goals and stop the process of creating your online inventory of resources - it's time to take a break and regroup - A few things I do are break up my day with three quick power-walks in my neighborhood. Take a 20 to 30 minute drive with a micro-digital voice recorder looking for new niche ideas from signs, billboards, even bumper stickers. When returning I write them down and research the keyword phrases for potential future niche websites. Remember if you treat this like a business it will be a business and a profitable one. Most people who make money online as their sole source of income work at this industry like their life depends on it.

Getting plenty of rest and exercise plus having healthy eating habits will keep your brain juices flowing properly. By sitting for hours at a time at a keyboard and sucking down a gallon of coffee is only going to drain you and make it hard to be productive in your home office setting. I took an idea from an interview done with Michael Dell years ago - and he does not have chairs in his office - (he may since he is getting older) - using instead drafting tables as desks to write and use his computer during working hours. He said you think better on your feet - I bought a used wood drafting table from a office furniture resale shop for $220.00 and refinished it to make the rest of my home office furniture and decor. This really works.

Staying focused demands some iconic reminders to keep doing the online money making journey. Keep pictures of what you want and do not want taped to your computer monitor. family, home, and a photo of the building where you have your day job is a great motivator to finish the online projects at hand. An image of your boss where you have to be your boss' monkey eight hours a day will keep your "Why" in mind while banging at the keyboard.