If you have a laminate wood floor than this article will touch on how to keep your wood floor clean and in good condition for years to come just by knowing a few basic things that you can do, to keep it looking as good as the day it was laid down. The biggest threat to your wood floor is water, when you over use water on laminate wood floors it will eventually damage the floor in the long term. So one must prevent from using too much water , this is mainly done through over cleaning your floor using water and detergent all the time.

This article will show you on a few things you can do to prevent dirt and dust from forming in the first place, thus preventing you from having to clean the floor too often with water. Try having a brush and dust pan handy for those times where you may need to do a quick sweep in a certain area of the floor. Make sure to use only soft bristle brushes on your floor to prevent scratches and when using a broom make sure it has a  soft bristle end, laminate floors can be easily scratched if using a brush or broom with tough end bristles.

If you have a vacuum you can give your laminate wood floor  a good clean at least once a week, be sure to choose the right setting on the vacuum end, making sure that it is on the correct setting to use on wood floors, most vacuums will have a setting such as this. Use another attachment and thoroughly clean between the floor trimmings and the corners. As stated do this at least once a week to keep your floor in top condition. Lay some floor mats down at the entrance and exits so people can wipe their shoes. Another good idea is to lay down long rugs or mats where people tend to walk all the time.

You will have to eventually use water to wash your floor, there are a few steps to take to make sure you don't over do it. Always rinse out your mop thoroughly when using it, there is no need to use a half dry mop so make sure it is always rinsed dry, use warm water with a little washing detergent or a wood floor cleaning solution. Try and do long strokes with the mop going with the grain of the wood floor as it will be easier on you and better for the floor. Another idea is to use furniture pads if you have any furniture that may damage your floor and leave marks. Check out more ideas online and the appropriate products to use for your wood floor.