travel an moneyWe all dream of that vacation out of the winter cold to a beautiful tropical paradise. When we finally do get away we all know far too well just how expensive it is to get the most out of our vacation. The last thing we want is to find ourselves the victim of theft in a foreign country where finding help can be next to impossible. 

Luckily there are numerous ways for us to protect our money and avoid unnecessary frustrations. To protect ourselves we must first understand some of the methods used by thieves and how to avoid these situations.

How Thieves Operate

In many poverty-stricken tropical countries there is an abundance of children running the streets that are unable to attend school. Many of these children support themselves by stealing from tourists as work is next to impossible to come by. Generally speaking their strategy is to send one child to ask for charity and they gauge the response of the tourist. If a donation is made and they see the person has a large sum of money they will all swarm over and pickpocket all the money from the dazed and confused tourist. To avoid this we must stand back and deny any sort of charity to beggars on the streets. It seems cruel and it will hurt however it is necessary.

When shopping in a local bazaar or flea market some shop keepers will attempt to build your trust and later exploit it. They will tend to be overly friendly and ask you repeatedly to hold their merchandise. When they do this you are forced to put your purse down and often they will have an associate sneak in to take your bag from the ground right at your own feet. To avoid this simply look and touch lightly while keeping your bag firmly over your shoulder.

Out-smarting Thieves

There are ways to out smart thieves and keep your money safe. These simply include keeping it in out of the ordinary places, ie not in your back pocket, wallet, or purse. These are the spots that most pickpockets will target first because they have the highest success rate.

money beltLuckily there are many ways to hide your money. Products such as money belts are an easy and affordable way to hide how much money you have. A money belt is simply a pouch that you fasten to your torso with velcro or a strap underneath your clothing to make sure that the majority of your money cannot be taken. Keep small amounts on hand for small purchases and replenish your pockets $20 at a time when you run out.

You don't need to buy any products to keep your money safe however. there are many places on the body that thieves will never check. If you are wearing socks try simply tucking your cash inside the top of your sock. This will keep it out of sight and when you need more simply cover it up as if you are tying your shoe.

Women can simply use the tops of their swimsuit tops or bra. Tucking your bills just inside your top places them in absolute security. If someone tries to take money from this spot they will definitely be noticed.