Keepsake gifts for women under 10 dollars are possible to find, especially if you are willing to put a little time into a search for a great deal.  It is nice to have something that can be held onto for years, commemorating a special day or occasion you shared with a special person that you would like to remember for a long time to come.  You will find there are several options that are possible to find in the $10 range or less, that would make good keepsake gifts for women.  In this article, I would like to highlight some of the things you can buy at this price range, along with some strategies you can use to find the best deals possible as you shop.


This is probably the best and cheapest method you can use if you search for keepsake gifts for women for under 10 dollars.  Pictures are relatively inexpensive to have enlarged and copied.  Many retail stores have kiosks now where this can be done.  With this inexpensive idea, you can probably get what you want for $5 or less.  If you would like to get a nice frame to commemorate a special time you had with a special person, it will run you a little more.  With a decent frame, the entire gift can be done for about $20 or less, so you won’t have to spend too much money in the process.  This one can be made very special for almost any lady in your life.

The main reason photographs make such great keepsake gift for women and men is because they can capture a very special situation or occasion that two people shared together.  You will be able to allow the girlfriend or wife in your life to remember it fondly each time she sees it.  Keep this in mind at is a great item to give.

Baby Items

If the woman in your life is a new mother, there are several baby items that might make a great keepsake gift.  Saving an original pair of shoes and making a case for them, for example, can be done for under 10 dollars without too much trouble.  If you have carpentry skills of any sort, this is a really great way to build a memento of a special occasion, like the birth of a child.  Of courses, there are tons of other baby related items that might work out as well.  Just take a stroll down the baby section and see what you can find that spurs along some ideas.  There are tons of keepsake gifts for women that you will be able to find or make for well under 10 dollars, so take a look.

Framing for a birth certificate, making frames, turning leftover baby clothes into a quilt, and many other things can be done for well under 10 dollars and will make fantastic keepsake gifts for women.  The only real limit you have is your imagination.  Take some time to think carefully about the girl in your life and decide what type of present she would really like.  This will help you make sure the presents you decide to go with are much more personal and unique, so they are viewed as some of the best they have ever been given.

Picture Lockets

You can find these for under 10 dollars without too much trouble, if you are willing to search a little.  This type of keepsake gift for women is a very traditional option.  You can make the picture unique, if you choose, or just make it a picture of a special occasion, or even a hand written note.   You will find they are available in retail stores, online, and through auction sites.

Handmade Items

If you are handy, you can consider making a jewelry box, wall decoration, end table, or just about anything else you can imagine.  Do not overestimate your carpentry skills though, since you want it to look as nice as possible.  If you are handy, sometimes taking time to make something is more impressive than spending money on it.  Since you are looking at a keepsake gift for a woman that means a lot to you, putting forth effort of making something is much more impressive than a 10 dollar price tag.  If you are good at making thing, put your skills to use and you are very likely to impress the lady in your life and make a great impression with their present, whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, or just because.

Coming Up With Great Ideas

You need to try to make any keepsake gift as personal and touching for a woman as possible.  For this reason, you might want to take some time to really think about the types of things that are likely to move her and make her smile.  After that, the trick is to find a way to incorporate your idea in a method that fits your budget.  If you want to keep it under 10 dollars, you will have to think carefully and make every purchase count.  You might want to make out a list of potential ideas and see what types of things you can do to keep the total cost as cheap as possible.  When you make the gift truly personal and unique, it stands a much better chance of being truly appreciated by the recipient.

Saving Money Shopping

You have several methods you might want to explore as look into ways to save money.  First of all, you really want to shop for clearance and sale prices as much as possible.  This will allow you to stretch every buck you have.  You also want to make sure you do plenty of price comparisons, so you don’t pay any more than you normally would have to.  In addition, you need to be sure to take the cost of shipping and handling into account, since it adds to the total price.  As you look for keepsake gifts for women under 10 dollars, you will have some options.