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Credit: First Pentecostal Church

Staying in love in the face of disaster

A happy marriage is sometimes difficult to keep up, but what do you do when you have the added stress of both of you being unemployed? Can you be happy? The answer is yes! It is very simple to keep it together when it seems everything is falling apart.

You're stronger together

The first step is remembering that you still have each other. This is something so simple but is always put in the back of your mind during tough times. You fell in love and got married for a reason, remember that. Most wedding vows include the lines for richer or poorer. Well this is your poorer time. its time to rally together, put you collective minds to work and figure out what works best for the both of you.

It's easy to point fingers and try to place blame on why you are in the predicament that you're in. But why? All that does is push you farther apart, put added stress on you and makes it harder to keep a clear head on you finances. Try to keep in mind that both of you are in this situation. All the emotions that you are feeling he/she is probably feeling the same way.

Spend more time connecting

Step two find ways to do things together. I know at times like these all you can think of is keeping you head above water, but its important to  set aside time for just the two of you. Not only will it help keep your relationship strong, but it will also help you stay stress free and focused. There are plenty of activities available to couples that are both fun and free. I will include a few examples but check you local area for more options.

1. Give each other massages.

2. Take a nature walk.

3. Cook dinner together, and eat it without the tv on.

4, Watch a movie online.

5. Play a game (card game, board game, puzzle etc.)

6. Try to go to bed at the same time and talk before falling asleep.

Space can sometimes bring you closer

I know what you are thinking I just said spend more time together, but sometimes a few hours of personal time can make you feel closer to your spouse.

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you don know how you will pay your bills. Spending time alone or with friends that are only yours can  give you a better perspective of how you family unit will work. Not only will it give you and you spouse a chance to remember who you are as a person it will give you time to miss each other. The times you do spend together will be more enjoyable and you wont feel as suffocated with life.

I belive keeping these simple points in mind will help keep you and you spouse in good spirits despite the problems in your life outside your marriage.