Kefir, the Super-Food

               Being discovered by Sheppard’s in the Northern Slopes of the Caucasus Mountain Ranges. It was found that transporting milk in leather pouches would often ferment into pro biotic based beverages. The Myth has it that the Kefir grains were a gift from Mohammed himself, who pointed out the benefits of the living grain and instructed the people how to ingest it. It was forbidden that transporters of the grain share it with outsiders and if the grains were traded the story said that the Kefir would drop all of its health properties. Kefir became a priced item stating good fortune and wealth to groups of people; Because of this Kefir grains were highly sacred and not to be shared except with close family and friends in smaller communities. This pinpoints why Kefir hadn’t become a common global food until the last hundred years; even though it has been around for thousands of years.

The health advantages of this positive probiotic are highly valued, as the properties are very rewarding supplying a bounty of positive nutrients such as many vitamins and minerals. Being a strongly versatile product, Kefir has become a simple way to gain superior nutrients such as yeasts, proteins, vitamins, probiotics, and minerals. Being high in all these vitamins A, B1, B12, D and K, the probiotic promotes everlasting sustained energy, enhancing energizing balanced living and stimulating a strong and fulfilled life.  Kefir also has a relaxing and calming effect on the body that naturally tranquilizes a person’s nervous system which has proven to be great for people that are prone to quite high anxiety, sleeping disorders, and depression. Kefir is also surprisingly rich in the supply of magnesium, folate and riboflavin.

It takes about 12 to about 48 hours to fully ferment your milk product with the Kefir grains (This is all based on taste preference). The longer the product ferments the stronger the flavour becomes and the more concentrated the nutritional components are and become. The Kefir health benefits are many promoting a great way to strengthen your families’ health while also improving your own. Kefir grains are easy to keep alive by just simply keeping the grains in milk products so they can consume and ferment milk into Kefir. Unlike probiotic yogurts, Kefir is quite easy to monitor yourself and the process of fermentation will continue as the grains individually grow and become very abundant like busy worker bees.

Water Kefir and Milk Kefir are similar grains as both grains have a similar shape and look. The grains have pretty much identical traits as both of them ferment liquids and are very good health products for improving human ingestion. The main market for different consumers is the difference in water Kefir’s biological makeup and milk Kefir’s biological makeup as milk Kefir can online thrive in dairy products causing a dietary issue for some people that can have dairy products and some people that cannot. It becomes quite practical to have two different strains of Kefir grains as the versatility that stems from having one grain that processes dairy and one set of grains that ferment water, nut, fruit and vegetable drinks.

Incorporated in the proper way Kefir bi-products can easily make a great tasty treat, snack or meal. It can be made into a very tasty Smoothie, tasty cheese, dressing, dip, topping or just as a nice clean Kefir beverage. When healing from a cold, Kefir will aid you as a simple and easy way to enhance your body’s immune system benefiting your body and mind ready to tackle daily challenges.


Straining the Kefir Grains

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