Kegel exercises, also known as pc exercises and pelvic floor exercises, involve contracting and relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor such as the pubococcygeus muscle.

Also called Kegels, they're named after the world famous gynecologist, Arnold Kegel.

Yet they are equally useful for men and for women.

Kegels help to strengthen the muscles that control ejaculation and orgasm, among other things, by contracting the surrounding muscles with movements that you can do virtually anywhere (at work, the dinner table, etc. - no one will know!)

I'm going to show you how to do a "super kegel" in just a bit!

The benefits of doing kegel exercises are huge for both sexes.

To begin with, men can increase their sexual stamina, increase the hardness of their erection and help prevent premature ejaculation.

Women can learn to contract their vagina quite strongly by using kegels which results in greater sexual gratification for both parties.

Pelvic floor exercises are also prescribed to pregnant women to prepare them for the trauma of childbirth, which stresses the local physiology significantly.

Men also use kegel exercises to treat a fickle bladder (technically refered to as urinary incontinence) and to relieve prostate pain that may have arisen from any number of conditions.

How To Perform Kegels and The Super Kegel

First you'll need to get a feel for which muscles you're involving in the exercise.

To do this, you'll need to urinate and then stop urination midstream.

The muscle you activated in order to do this is the pubococcygeus muscle and the key player in kegel exercises.

However, as you will see, we won't be limiting ourselves to just one muscle.

There's a large variety of recommendations when it comes to the how-to of doing kegel exercises.

They are typically arbitrary reps x sets and an attempt to isolate the PC muscle while excluding the surrounding musculature.

I believe this is foolish and a total underutilization of the body's capabilities.

In exercise physiology and sports science there is a phenomen known as muscle recruitment or muscle irradiation.

When you contract a muscle, the surrounding musculature kicks in to play a supportive role, which allows you to contract the target muslces more strongly, resulting in an increased capacity to produce force, particularly over time.

It's often cited that the larger a muscle is by cross-section, the more force it can produce.

While this is true, it's only true if all other things remain equal.

The truth is that the ability of a muscle to produce force is primarily functional, not structural.

This is why a skinny, wiry young man can be as strong or stronger than a guy 1.5 times his size.

Muscular tension = force.

In other words, he can flex harder and thus produce more force!

So let's use our insights from better science to devise a better kegel exercise.

I like to call it the super kegel.

You're going to inhale to the hilt standing straight up.

Now tense all of your muscles (all of them!) as hard as you can and clench your fists with all of your might.

"Focus" on the pelvic floor. This will ensure that it's contracted.

Breathe out over a count of 5 seconds and take several seconds to relax between sets.

This exercise is fairly demanding and might make you a little light headed.

Do this 5 times.

Do these 5x5 super kegels no more than thrice a day.

Don't overwork the muscles.

Always stop prior to failure and have 1 or 2 reps left in you.

This takes advantage of a psychophysiological effect called greasing the groove.

Essentially, you are teaching your muscles that their contractile efforts are rewarded not with exhaustion but with minimal fatigue.

Next time around, they show no hesitation in contracting to the requested tension because they "believe it is is possible" and that no failure will result, thus no injury to the body will result.

Ladies, there's a stainless steel barbell you can buy for your pelvic floor exercises.

It comes in varying widths and some even have a pressure guage attached to indicate how strongly you're able to contract your pc muscles and surrounding muscles.

I would take advantage of this so you can know whether or not you're making progress over time.

So this is my version of the kegel and I credit Pavel Tsatsouline and his book Power To The People for the inspiration.

Do this 5 days a week and rest two days.

After some weeks, you will notice increased sexual pleasure, control and strength.