Are you thinking about making your wife angry, by turning your refrigerator into a kegerator? I'll will give you a list of kegerator parts needed to turn your fridge into a keg beer dispenser. Kegerators can be quite expensive, so you might consider just turning your actual refrigerator into a keg refrigerator. There's a lot of places online where they sell cheap kegerator parts, compared to the costs of just buying a keg beer dispenser.

A keg beer dispenser specializes in draft beer. If you want to do draft beer the right way, and create your own mini bar at home, then you need a kegerator dispenser. Whether that's buying keg beer dispensers, or buying the kegerator supplies to turn your fridge into a kegerator. If you got a basement, a good rec room that makes for a great hangout, obviously a mini bar is missing. If you invite a buddy over to shoot pool, or throw darts, one of the first things out of his mouth is "can you grab me a cold one?"

To make any rec room right, you got to have a kegerator to go with it. That way you can refresh you buddy with a cold alcoholic beverage. If you're willing to spend the extra bucks though, I'd recommend just buying a kegerator fridge. A full keg refrigerator, a good one anyways, will cost thousands of dollars. Mini keg beer dispensers can go for much cheaper, and will cost you nearly the same amount that the kegerator parts for a full keg will. The kegerator parts and kegerators supplies needed to turn your refrigerator into your keg beer dispenser can come in kits that are sold online.

Kegerator parts needed for a keg beer dispenser

Before you just buy any random kegerator parts for your keg beer dispenser, you need to know what kind of kegerator you're creating. Specific tap couplers for example, won't fit for all kegerators. If you end up buying a Heineken keg of beer for example, but have the US Sankey Coupler, then you're screwed. You've just wasted money on a keg of beer, or kegerator parts that you've purchased.

You'll need to familiarize yourself with specific couplers for the particular draft beer you want in your kegerator. I've listed the kegerator parts and kegarator supplies needed. There's kegerator kits available online, at places like, amazon, ebay, and Kegerator parts aren't cheap, they can cost anywhere between $100-$300. However, they're pretty cheap when comparing the price to a full keg beer dispenser. I highly recommend shopping at beverage factory for individual kegerator parts.

Co2 tank

A standard CO2 tank will come in aluminum, and weigh 5 pounds. This is the basic tank needed to turn your refrigerator into a kegerator. Since it's not made out of steel, they're relatively light. The Co2 tank is needed to carbonated your beer. The Co2 tank can be used for European Sankey couplers, or American Sankey couplers. Other Co2 tanks that are available are 10, 15, and 20 lb tanks. 5 lb is enough for a keg. You don't need a bigger tank unless you're planning on serving drinks to half a popular. The standardized 5 lb supports up to 5-7 kegs. Standardized Co2 tanks go for around $50. All Co2 tanks should come in a CGA-320 valve for your kegerator.

Co2 Double gauge regulator

A Co2 double gauge regulator value should be CGA-320, and can be used on any CGA-320 tank. The top gauge shows how much pressure you're putting into the tank, and the gauge on the side shows how much gas in left in the tank. The double gauge goes for $41, but goes for a 7% discount at beverage factory. Purchase the 342 classic series double gauge, if you're trying to buy a double gauge regulator for your Co2 tank.

Sankey coupler

There are different sankey couplers needed for different kegs.The US stankey coupler comes in a D system, and is used for most American brews. The only US beer that requires a different coupler is the Anchor brewing, which needs the system G coupler. Common beers like Budweiser, Miller, Coors, etc will all need the US sankey coupler.

Guinnees beers, brews from the UK/Ireland area require the system U coupler. European beers require the system S coupler. Some other brewers in the UK area might require the system G. German brews will need the system S and system M couplers. To figure out more about coupler kegerator parts, check out They got a complete list of each coupler needed for each specific keg beers. A sankey coupler tap can cost between $40-$60.

Air line

You'll need a 1 ft 5/16 inch beer air line, to connect the sankey coupler tap with the double gauge Co2 regulator, that connects to the Co2 tank. The air line should cost anymore between $10-$20. At beverage factory, they go as low as $4.60. Most vinyl air lines come with clamps, but some come with connectors and quick disconnectors. Two airlines needed for 2 taps.

Beer line

You'll need a 5 foot beer line to connect to the top of sankey coupler (washer), to the shank, so the beer can pass through the faucet. The 5 foot beer line should come with vinyl tubing with a 3/16 inch beer line, that contains hose nipples, hex nuts, screw clamps and washers to connect with the shank and washer. Beer lines are very cheap, and go for about $0.55. Two beer lines needed for two taps.


Shanks comes in different sizes, used to connect the faucet with the beer line. You'll also have to determine if you're going to use a double faucet, or a single. A double faucet needs a double shank. Standard size is usually 4 1/4 inches, but sizes can go from 3-14" L. Make sure the beer connection line can connect with a 3/16 beer line. Shanks can go between $20-$100. Obviously double shanks for double faucets will be more expensive.

Faucet knob, Faucet Head, and Faucet tower

Next you'll need a faucet head and faucet knob. A standard US faucet head will fit for US kegerator beer dispensers, but not for European beer dispensers. You'll need two faucet heads if you're using two taps. Standard US faucet knobs cost about $20. European specialty faucets are used for Guinness stout, Murphy's stout, Beamish, and Boddingtons. Most faucet heads don't come with faucet knobs used to poor beer.

You can also buy a tower, which sometimes comes with a faucet knob, and faucet head. Faucet towers make for recreational use, but aren't required. Towers come in a 3-inch diameter. Towers are pretty expensive, and go for over $100. Really expensive ones like T-towers, for just a 2 tap draft can go as high as $300.