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If you have a refrigerator, all you need is kegerator part, supplies, or kegerator conversion kits to turn your refrigerator into a kegerator. Kegerators are expensive, but kegerator parts can cost a lot of money as well. Not nearly as much as a kegerator. It depends on what kegerator parts you need. If you need entire kegerator conversion kits, that can cost over $100, where specific kegerator parts won't cost nearly as much. There are some places to shop online for kegerator parts for sale.

One of benefits of just buying kegerator conversion kits and kegerator parts is how expensive kegerators are. A real good kegerator will cost anywhere between $800-$6,000. The expense of a kegerator depends on how much capacity of kegs it can contain, whether it comes with a faucet tower, or a double faucet dispense. If you have refrigerator, all you need is the kegerator parts to turn that fridge into a beer draft dispenser. Shopping online you'll find great deals on kegerators for sale.

Kegerator parts

If you're looking for specific kegerator parts for sale, and not conversation kits, I'll run down the parts you need and where to find these kegerator parts for sale. Some kegerators don't come with all the kegerator supplies needed to dispense beer. Usually the Co2 tank comes separate, but there's quite a few places to buy the Co2 tank. You'll also need to make sure you're getting the right kegerator parts for the kind of beer you're looking to dispense.

Co2 Tank - You need a Co2 tank to dispense beer. This kegerator supply is needed to carbonate your tasty brew. Co2 tank will come without the gas. You'll need a 5 lb aluminum tank. The Co2 tank is good for any kind of specific kegerator you're converting. The valve of the Co2 tank should be CGA-320. Tanks can be pretty expensive. Ebay and Amazon have the Co2 5lb tank going for slightly under $50. $49.50 at ebay and its new. Costs for a tank usually range around $55 or higher.

Co2 gauge regulator - A gauge regulator is needed for the Co2 tank, to read the pressure and how much gas is left in the tank. Co2 tanks don't include the gauge regulator. You can purchase the double gauge, or single, doesn't matter. As long as the gauge regulator valve is CGA-320. A double gauge Co2 regulator is on sale at beverage Currently going for great price at $41.75.

Sankey coupler - If you're looking to dispense American beer then you need a D system American coupler. 95% of all American beers require the US Sankey coupler for dispensing beer. The American coupler is the cheapest. Shop at ebay for an American D coupler. They're going for a real cheap price at $21.99. Retail prices can go as high as $30.

Air line - 1ft 5/16 inch air line is needed to connect the coupler tap with the gauge regulator. Prices for the air line can be surprisingly high at some places. They can go from anywhere to $10-$20. Beverage Factory has a great deal for a air line for just $4.60.

Beer line - A beer line is rather cheap. It's just a 5 foot vinyl tubing, with a 3/16 inch, about 5 feet long that connects to the shank and coupler washer. Beer line costs just $0.55, and you can buy the beer line at amazon or kegworks. Other places like beverage factory probably has it for a similar price.

Shank and beer faucet - A standard shank size is usually 4 1/2 inches but can go from 3-14". Depending on the shank needed, determines the price. Double shanks will cost more, and are needed to dispense two faucets. There's a great deal at ebay where you can purchase a shank and beer faucet that includes a beer handle. It's going for $29.95, that's a great deal since shanks can cost between $20-$100. If you need a single tap, then this a pretty great deal.

Faucet tower - Best places to buy faucet towers for sale are amazon, beverage, and ebay. You don't need a faucet tower to dispense beer, they're optional. Most kegerators use a tower to dispense beer. They make for good recreational use. Some faucet towers can be pretty expensive. At Amazon a typical used single chrome tap is on sale for $49.95

Kegerator conversion kits

If you just have a refrigerator, and need all the kegerator parts, then don't buy them individually. That will cost you more money. Kegerator conversion kits are cheaper than buying each kegerator part. There's even kegerator conversion kits for double keg dispensers, or kegerator kits with specific kegerator parts needed for your kegerator. I'll list the most popular and common used kegerator conversion kits. For specific conversion kits, check out They have all the needed conversion kits that are available.

Standard Kegerator conversion kit - The standard kits comes with everything needed to turn your fridge into a kegerator. It will include the shank, faucet knob, faucet handle, Co2 tank, double gauge regulator, D system coupler, beer line, and air line. This is your standard kegerator conversion kit. You can find this kit for sale, for a great price at beverage factory. This kit usually goes as high as $169.95, but going for sale for just $85.45 at beverage factory.

Deluxe Homebrew refrigerator conversation kit - It comes with everything that the standard kegerator conversion kit includes like the shank, faucet, beer line, air line, US sankey coupler, double gauge regulator, and 5 lb Co2 tank. It also includes accessories like a beer cleaning kit, drip tray, and wrench. Best place to buy the deluxe homebrew refrigerator conversion kit is at beverage factory, where it's on sale for a low price at just $113.95.

There are a variety of other kegerator parts that come different conversion kits that you can buy for decent prices. There's conversion kits that come with beer towers, double faucets, and conversion kits available for different beer dispensers like the European, or Guinness beer. Shop at places like kegworks, beverage factory, amazon, and ebay for other kegerator conversion kits for sale.