Keloid acne scars are a very common sight in acne sufferers with dark skin tone, having keloid scars is more usual during the teen years and the risk lowers as you grow older. The best ways currently used to remove keloid scars is through traditional surgery and a procedure named cryosurgery. Despite being the best options they do not offer a 100% guarantee.

Keloid scars do not appear only as a result of acne, they can also be present after a burn or injury and even after a razor cut or insect bite. For an unknown reason the normal scar gets filled with collagen, the scar enlarges and it is left looking unpleasant and like covered in plastic.

One of the other effective treatments for the treatment of keloid scarring is injection of steroids. In this case the steroids are used as a way to relive itching, burning and redness in the area; some patients have also reported that their scars shrunk after the injection treatment.

Sometimes though, depending on your case, steroid may not be viable; your other option is to cut the scar through surgery and stitch back the skin. The skin heals pretty quickly, usually after a few days you can get back to work normally and remove the stitches, but this can also cause a reappearance of the keloid acne marks.

The same happens with another methods use skin graft. And well, the truth is that keloid is easy to reoccur and in some cases the resulting keloid scars can end up looking worse than they were at first.

A surgeon uses steroid injection as part of the treatment in order to minimize to the possible the reoccurrence of keloid scars. Combination of therapies is applied through radiation therapy or during surgery. In other cases it is recommended to wear pressure garment on the affected area, this can prolong for years, and all these methods to is minimize not eliminate the risk of reoccurrence completely.

Many people think that keloid only appears on certain areas, but the truth is that they can appear in almost all areas of the body. This is sort of a lottery, anyone can have it and the reason is yet unknown, there isn't even medicine available for this problem.

As you can see, it is pretty important to treat the appearance of keloid scars to see an improvement, they won't go away and the acne scar removal methods you try can help you avoid any embarrassing situation where you have to show them.