If you think you might have keloid scars you may be looking at a scar that is rising up from the skin and it might be lumpy and ridged. It might be firm and rubber like or it may be shiny. A keloid scar may have a smooth top and it may itch also. It has many variations but there are two overwhelming features of a keloid scar and they are 1) it generally has overgrown the original wound or scar area and 2) it generally won’t go away naturally.

Some Aspects Of This Type Of Scar

  • One of the major things to know is that this type of scar is not contagious; no one can ‘catch’ it from you. However it is believed they may be hereditary or run in families. But this may also not be true either.
  • It is believed woman may be more susceptible to acquiring this type of scar because women tend to have piercings in the ears more often then males do. 
  • Unlike other scars this scar forms after surgery or after a skin abrasion and it doesn’t stay confined to the original scar area. This type of scar does overgrow the original scar area. And it may get quite large also.
  • It can change appearance and texture over time.
  • A ‘normal’ scar may shrink over time and it certainly doesn’t grow beyond its original scar size.

Finding A Keloid

A keloid is known to show up on men and women. Generally it appears less on youth or older folks. The places where you might find this type of scar are on the shoulders, back or chest although they can show up on any part of the body. They rarely make an appearance on the face though. But they do appear on the earlobes especially if you have pierced ears. However it may not appear on both ears and just show up on one of them. It also generally doesn’t show up on the face. Also all skin types are susceptible to them but darker skin may be more susceptible.

Protecting You From Them

Since it is not really fully understood why these scars show up there is not a lot you can do to protect yourself against their appearing on your body. If you know you are susceptible to getting them you should not have body piercings or other types of skin abrasions performed. However this scar can appear from any type of skin abrasion. They can appear from a pimple scar. They can appear after an insect bite or even after a vaccination or other skin trauma. Even shaving over a razor bump can cause them to appear.


There are few treatments that have been proven to work every time. You might consider a cortisone injection which may flatten them but make them redder. Laser surgery is safe but pricy and generally is an elective surgery. It makes it less red and flattens too. Any removal method of a keloid may not be permanent.