Many house owners give a lot of time and effort in the design and style of their kitchen. But the biggest hurdle is making kitchen appliances blend in with the theme and design of the kitchen. Small appliances are easy to assimilate as there are a lot of designs out in the market to choose from that will fit the overall style of one's kitchen. Not to mention they can be easily hidden in cabinets and drawers.

Refrigerators though are another story. They are big and bulky and stand out anywhere one would put it, unless of course the refrigerator is custom made. But custom made refrigerators are very expensive. One's only hope is to buy a refrigerator that would be a perfect fit for the style and design of the kitchen.

Luckily, there are refrigerators made for that very purpose. They are called counter depth refrigerators. The Kenmore counter depth refrigerator is a very good option for buying a refrigerator that would fit in nicely to any kitchen of any design.

Counter depth refrigerators are thinner than normal refrigerators and are made so to fit in nicely into a space in the kitchen surrounded by cabinets or a space in the walls. Normal refrigerators would stick out but counter depth refrigerators goes as deep as its surrounding cabinets or wall making blend into the design as if it was made to fit that place.

There are three colors one can choose from. There is white, stainless steel, and black colored refrigerators. One can choose which color would blend in nicely with the kitchen.

The Kenmore counter depth refrigerator also offers a water filtration system that allows users to be able to drink cool clean water from the dispenser integrated to the door of the fridge. The Kenmore counter depth refrigerator is usually a side by side type of refrigerator.

This type of fridge has two different sized doors. The smaller door contains the freezer and the bigger door is the cooler. This type of fridge offers a large storage space and has many compartments to better organize the items inside the fridge. Read up on counter depth refrigerator reviews and other refrigerator reviews to decide which model is right for you.