Kentucky Derby Attire Must Have's

Kentucky Derby Fashion

Hands Down - The Kentucky Derby Clothing to Wear

The Kentucky Derby is the most famous horse race in the world held the first Saturday in May every year. Men and women that attend the Derby want derby attire that makes a fashion statement, looks bright and happy, is reminiscent of the early history of the races and makes others turn their heads in awe.

Choose the right Kentucky Derby clothing pieces that will do all of the above at a reasonable price with these most popular pieces that will make you a hit of the party.


Vintage Hats

Choose vintage hats for the man or woman that prefers the history of the races. Vintage hats for the derby include items such as lace accents with lace overlays, buttons, beads, feathers, large bows, silk trim and are made of straw, woven fabric, silk, metallic or plain. Many vintage hats are from the 1940's and 1950's with wide brims or flapper style hats.

Vintage hats can be either white as a popular choice since the races are held during the spring season or a multitude of colors such as pink and red being most popular. Pastels in all ranges are also appropriate choices for the derby in greens, oranges, yellows, blues or purples.

Choosing a vintage hat for the derby is an excellent choice, will make a great fashion statement and are also very good conversation starters at the races.

Kentucky Derby hats for women for less than $40.


Fedoras for Men

Men are notorious for wearing hats at the derby and the fedora is the number one selection made by men all over the world arriving to Louisville in style.

Fedoras are a classic style hat that is professionally made of all sorts of fabrics with woven fabrics or silk being favored for the derby. Fedoras are available in white, black, plaid or multi colored to suit any color scheme or fashion sense for the sharp dressed man.

Find a fedora hat at any hat shop for upwards of $200 or at for an amazing price of less than $15 that is just as well made and long lasting as higher priced hats with free shipping options. This fedora is one of the best reviewed hats on and is available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

     Edwardian Style Hats

The Edwardian style hats are the very large hats that you may be familiar with from the movie 'My Fair Lady' with the very oversized brim that contain many layers of lace, silk and always contain very large bows, feathers, large flowers in silk, fringe and are available in every color imaginable suitable to match or coordinate with and enhance absolutely any outfit for the Kentucky Derby races.


Derby Off the Shoulder Dresses

Choose a fun and flirty off the shoulder dress in bright and colorful spring colors that will help you look and feel your best while attending the derby. This choice from is made by Maxandcleo and has a fitted waistband and is made of chiffon so moves easily with your body while highlighting your best features. The layers will also help you to hide your less favorite body parts.

Look for derby dresses in cool summer fabrics that are light and airy, fun and flirty and you can't go wrong.


These are the most popular styles of Derby attire that will help you fit in when attending the races and make you look your best. You can always wear your hats and clothing again for your own derby party or even a costume or Halloween party so get the best one you can afford. You'll be sure to get years of great use of your Kentucky Derby Clothing!