Why We Love Our kMix Hand Mixer

My wife did a lot of research before we bought our mixer.  Of all the mixers we looked at the Kenwood kMix HM790 hand mixer looked the best buy and she has not been disappointed. She used it yesterday to knock up a cheese cake and was raving about it. Everything about the appliance is perfect apparently. It looks good, feels good in the hand and does a good job. A prince among mixers!

What do you use a hand mixer for?

A hand mixer is a hand-held appliance for mixing cakes and pastry mixtures.  They come with a dual beater attachment meant for basic jobs like whisking and mixing lighter mixtures like pastry and cream. The better ones come with a set of kneading tools used to stretch and knead heavy dough mixtures. Hand mixers are particularly helpful for recipes such as dough and batter mixes. The way the twin beaters work allows air to be folded into the mixture so it will give light fluffy batters and thin light creams.

5 Speeds plus a pulse

TheKenwood kMix HM790 comes with five speeds and a pulse mechanism.

The lower speeds are most commonly used with a hand mixer for mixing batter and cream or pastry ingredients. The higher speeds are used for lighter, thinner mixtures such as whisking egg whites or making a sponge mix. It is best to reach top speed by gradually increasing the speed so variable speeds are helpful. It features a simple thumb control allowing for easy adjustment of speed during use. The pulse mechanism allows you to slow the device down when you need to and quickly release to a faster speed.

Clever, stylish, space saving design

The Kenwood kMix HM790 looks stylish. It is a compact well designed machine with a clever space-saving storage unit that sits neatly on the work surface. It is pleasant to work with.  It has a soft grip and a solid feel and is strong and robust.

It is powerful. The kMix HM790 hand mixer has a 400W maximum power. It beats easily and quickly and does not lose power even with thicker mixtures. On full power it can whisk three egg whites to stiff in under a minute.

The kMix HM790 is compact and easy to clean. The beaters and the kneaders are made of stainless steel.

It is exceptionally quiet to work with.

What is not so good 

The Kmix HM790  is made of metal rather than plastic. It weighs 1.51kg. Some people think it is too heavy. We don't find that a problem, particularly as it works so quickly and efficiently but it's a matter of taste.

People also complain about the way the cable is stored. There is a recess into which the cable is supposed to coil. It can be tricky and if you don't get it right the mixer doesn't sit properly in its stand. People also complain the cable is a little short. 


Overall we are very impressed with the Kenwood kMix HM790 hand mixer and would certainly recommend it. It wasn't available on amazon last time we looked but the HM791 illustrated above is essentially the same mixer in red.

Kenwood Kmix Hand Mixer - Red
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(price as of Feb 6, 2014)