How effective are keratosis pilaris treatment methods? Treating keratosis pilaris is a tedious duty. The only way to continue having clear skin is to persistently treat your skin. This is the trouble with this condition as you will continuously have to keep up with your daily skin care routine in order for your skin to constantly be soft and clear.

There is no other way to put this besides saying that as a keratosis pilaris sufferer, you will continuously have to carry out the vital steps in order to lower the effects caused by this skin disorder. Simply put, during the remainder of your life, if you want to have clear skin you will have to exfoliate with a light abrasive scrub such as Derma Doctor KP Heavy Duty Scrub and moisturize your skin with a keratosis pilaris lotion such as Eucerin Intensive Repair. Treatment of keratosis pilaris should be a redundant process with the end result being healthy skin.

If you feel like this is too much work for you, you can always not perform this, but then you will have to endure having rough and bumpy skin for the rest of your life. Many people are quite vain and will cover up their unsightly marks because they are too embarrassed to show their KP marks on their arms. Truthfully, it looks very ugly and people with lightly complexions have a harder time hiding these red dots as they are very noticeable on white skin. You can reduce the red dots by tanning or getting some UV light on your skin as this will dry out the excess oil production produced by your skin. When you reduce the amount of oil in your skin, you will effectively reduce the buildup of keratin which will reduce the visible appearance of inflamed pores.