No, Not That Kerry McGregor

Kerry McGregor is a model from South Africa who started when she was 14, and has since appeared in Marie ClaireGQSports Illustrated, and FHM, among others. However, try to look her up and you might accidently stumble across an X-Factor contestant with the same name. That's a different Kerry, though.
This Kerry has been a Wonderbra model, and was the face of the company from 2001-2005. 
Kerry McGregor

Personal History

A Bit More About Kerry

Kerry was born in Cape Town, South Africa on September 26th. She has been modeling since she was a teenager, and got her first feature in South Africa's edition of Sports Illustrated 1999.

Kerry has been on both local and international magazine covers, some including Cosmopolitan, GQ, Sports Illustrated, FHM and Marie Claire and featured in many ad campaigns around the world. But many became familiar with her through the famous photo of her holding a bow and arrow. Kerry has posed for FHM South Africa more than seven times, once within a year after giving birth to her first child.

That's right, she's a mother. Kerry has settled down and married a cricket player, Neil McKenzie, and the couple have two kids together. She has said of her children, "They keep you where you are, quite present."

A Global Citizen

Kerry's Travels Around the World

Kerry and her family split their time between homes in England (where they recently built a new house) and travel for her modeling shoots. She also says that she is quite fond of visiting Holland, which she finds quirky "a madhatter type city." She doesn't go into much more detail, except to say that she really likes the coffee shops. Whatever could that mean?

She has also recently traveled to The Algarve in Portugal, which she described as "beautiful and sunny with amazing cliff faced beaches and octopus salad to die for!"

And then there are the times that she takes a self-described "girlie holiday" without her family, traveling to places like the Cote D'Azur and Antibes. She found those places to be beautiful and very romantic, so it's a shame she didn't have her husband with her to share the experience! And as for Monte Carlo? Well, "It's just crawling with billionaires and their five story yachts..." That doesn't sound too bad at all. And we can't say for sure, but something tells me none of those billionaires would have objected to Kerry using her bow and arrow to commandeer the vessel!