Information about the Song We R Who We R by Kesha

Now I will be telling you some amazing information and facts for a song which is called We R Who We R which is by Kesha. This song was first released on February 19th 2010. The length of this song is about two minutes and fifty two seconds. Did you know that Kesha’s real name is Kesha Rose Sebert? The label for this song is called RCA. The genres for this song are dance - pop and electro pop. The producer for this song is Benny Blanco. The people who wrote this song are Kesha Serbet (Who is also known as Kesha), Benjamin Levin, Neon Hitch and Sean Foreman. If I were you I would carry on reading to find out some more fascinating information and facts for a song called which is called We R Who We R which is by Kesha (and I will be telling you some other interesting information and facts about Kesha soon). So I hope you enjoy reading all of this information.

General Information about Kesha

Ke$ha was born on March 1st 1987 in Los Angeles, California. Not only is she a singer but she is also a song writer. The types of songs Ke$ha does are electro pop and dance pop. Did you know that Ke$ha can play the Guitar and the piano. Now I will be naming all the albums Kesha has made so far (which will be in order). Sadly Kesha has only made one album which is called Animal which she has made in 2010. Hopefully she will be making some more albums so you can buy them, listen to them and if you know the lyrics you can sing along to the album songs. If you don’t know the lyrics then you can learn it which will only take you a few days (depending on how good your memory is). Kesha has associated with many famous singers/ rappers such as Taio Cruz, Flo Rida and she has collaborated with many more other famous singers/ rappers as well. One day Kesha had to go to a different country which was called Sydney in Australia. While she was in the airport she had to cover her face along with Calvin because apparently Kesha and Calvin were spotted kissing in a Rihanna Melbourne concert. Did you know when Kesha’s first ever album came out which was called Animal Kesha celebrated by getting a gold tooth. She stated that it shows off her personality more. Most people think that Kesha and Lady Gaga are going to be kind of the same by the way they dress, act, sing and etc. Carry on reading to know some other interesting information and facts about Kesha.

Extra Information about Kesha

Now I will be naming all the tours Kesha has been on so far (which will also be in order). In 2011 she went on a tour which is called Get Sleazy Tour. As I have said before surely Kesha will go to many more tours so you can hear all about her amazing journeys and what she has done as well. The labels Kesha has been in are called RCA and Kemosabe. Did you know that most of Kesha’s family are successful or have a wonderful job (which is also suitable for them as well)? As you know that many famous people (especially singers/ rappers) have a website so you can hear all the news and the gossip about that famous person. Kesha’s website is called Did you know that her mom was a song writer, she use to sleep in cars and on her friend’s couches she had to work just to earn 4 - 5 dollars so she could buy a taco? But as you can see now that has all changed (accept her mum is still a song writer). Well I hope you have enjoyed reading this interesting piece of information (which is including facts as well) about Kesha and a song she made which is called We R Who We R and I also hope you have had fun watching the amazing music video for the song which is called We R Who We R.

Ke$ha - We R Who We R