kestner doll (25098)

If you are a collector of dolls, then you know about the vintage Kestner doll. The earlier ones had bisque heads, and all had names. The "Gibson Girl", that went on the market in 1900 was received very well on the market and was the most popular for the time. This Kestner doll, was considered one of the best, and is now the most valuable of all the dolls amongst collectors.

Collecting the Kestner doll, would entail heading to antique shops and combing the countryside when you could, or putting the word out to friends and relatives that you were on the lookout for a Kestner doll to add to your collection.

This was a long process. But now with the internet, you can have the world in your living room. Collecting is much easier with a computer!

The Kestner doll was a very well made doll, and even when the Kestner family started producing a doll with a "celluloid head" that was produced just for the Kestner brand, the Kestner doll still quickly became a collectible. The J.D.K. mark and a number on the doll is your tell tale sign of the age of this doll.

As many Kestner doll collectors try and find dolls made before 1891, they have been difficult to verify and date, but some have a "k" on the head with the "made in Germany" printed on them, which was the law at the time for importing to USA and Canada

Finding The Kestner Doll Online - Ruby Lane

If you check out you can find many Kestner dolls for sale. If you are looking to buy and sell your Kestner dolls this may be a good place to start. Online collectors have grown. With the world at your fingertips now, all that may be stopping you from purchasing that elusive Kestner doll you have been looking for is your wallet!

Prices are climbing, to the point that the Kestner doll is actually a good investment. It retains its value.

Kestner Doll - Ebay

There is a lot of activity on Ebay for the collectible Kestner Doll. As the dolls have their own unique name, you can find the one you are looking for, or check what you could possibly sell yours for. With Ebay anyone can ask what they want, but the best way to find out what they actually sold for, is to click on "advanced search" and then click on "completed sales" for the keyword "Kestner Doll" and it will show in green what the sale actually was. As you can see, some of these dolls are in the 3 and 400 dollars.

There always seems to be a lot of activity on Ebay with the Kestner Doll. You may need to get your bid in and really watch the process to get the doll you want.

If you have not signed up for Ebay, it might be a good idea, and then you can bid or buy on any of the Kestner dolls listed. Also sign up for Paypal, as this is the form of payment most internet buyers and sellers use, and then go shopping for your collectible Kestner Doll..