Sweet and Salty

Are you searching for low carb potato chips but worried about falling victim to unhealthy ingredients you can't even pronounce? Is there really such a product these days? It's true. Nothing will ever be completely healthy. Too much of anything usually is a bad idea, even if the food is considered healthy. Let's be honest with ourselves. We love almost every snack food the grocery store has to offer. And why is that? Well, most products have been designed to be addictive or to easily complement products that are addictive. Who hasn't enjoyed salty potato chips with a sweet thirst-quenching soda drink? Or hot fudge on a large scoop of ice cream? Foods just go well together. Plain and simple.
Unfortunately, this has caused quite a dilemma in our society. We can't get enough of these deliciously addictive products. They are cheap and at the tips of our fingers everywhere we go. You just can't beat something that is tasty and costs next to nothing! Wait! Before you run to the store for soda and chips, don't you want to know what you're getting into? These products are designed to keep coming back for more and they're filled with ingredients that will clog your arteries and inject unhealthy amounts of fatty acids into your system. Alright, it's obvious that's not enough to keep you from going. After all, it's football season and snacks are a staple to a great get-together! How else will you cheaply pay to feed all of your friends?

Consider Kettle Potato Chips!

So, you've walked down the snack aisle. And you're about to grab whatever stands out based on the color of the label and the results of your last experience. Here is something to ponder. Why not try Kettle Potato Chips?!? In fact, don't think - buy them! And there are even amazing reasons why you should. Kettle Brand takes considerable pride in the manufacture of their low carb chips. To Kettle, any wrong-doing in the process causes their entire brand to be tarnished. Therefore, you will find extremely well-cared for potato chips! Here are a few benefits that Kettle Brand Potato Chips offer:

1). Gluten-Free: Kettle products are gluten-free and are processed in a gluten-free environment! Their tortilla chips are made with small amounts of wheat in a separate facility.

2). Peanut-Free: Most Kettle products are processed in an entirely peanut free environment. Peanut allergies are just bad for business!

3). No Trans-Fat Oil: Kettle processes their low carb chips with sunflower oil which is found naturally and not hydrogenated in anyway. Kettle Brand, thanks for caring about our cholesterol levels!

4). Expeller Pressed Oil: The oil used in the processing of Kettle's potato chips is mechanically produced, as in, the seeds are pressed by a machine to harness the oil. No chemicals in this process!

5). No GMOs: Kettle takes care to make sure all of its ingredients are not produced with genetically modified organisms, meaning no growth hormones and weird chemicals.

They Taste Great!

Not only are these low carb potato chips healthier than other brands, they taste excellent! Kettle Brand currently distributes over 14 different types of potato chips. There are rich flavors ranging from Sea Salt & Vinegar to New York Cheddar!

Remember! Before you grab that huge bag of unholy ingredients, consider your health and snack on potato chips that care about you! Try Kettle Brand Potato Chips!