How-To Perform

L-sit swings are a unique exercise that requires a firm grip while activating the lats and performing a core-focused hinge at the hips. The idea of this exercise is to perform the opposite motion of the kettlebell swing. Although the mechanics are the same for both exercises, they both work in a different plane of motion.

As you drive upwards, remember to draw power by engaging the posterior chain and core during the ascent. When the kettlebell descends, use your lats to withstand the kettlebell’s weight and control the motion. The L-Sit Swing creates resistance as the lats work to pull the weight down and forward, while also engaging the core to hinge at the hips. Together, these actions combine to create a deep, powerful, swing-like motion that is like the kettlebell swing.

Think about the kettlebell swing as a hinging hip-drive into a vertical plank then to a lat-pull. This makes it easier to visualize the L-Sit Swing as a vertical plank using your lats to pull into a hinging hip-drive.

Kettlebell Kings Presents: Improve Your Kettlebell Swing With L Sit Swings

Important Tips

Remember to build the required shoulder mobility before starting this exercise, since this is not your standard kip. You should not approach this exercise with determination to “muscle over the bar.” Instead, challenge yourself to engage the lats and core at the same time to increase your power, like a kettlebell swing. Your elbows should be locked, and the pressure from your grip should be pressing into the pinky-side of each hand. This will help you achieve the most significant amount of lat activation.

The biggest struggle with this exercise is to maintain balanced motor patterns. This exercise works to increase the sophisticated coordination of different muscle groups. It challenges your body and helps you progress as an athlete. We recommend practicing one rep at a time while focusing on your technique before adding in sequential repetition.

What's Next

These workouts maximize your results, and they take only a fraction of the time that traditional exercises do. The secret to kettlebell workouts is that proper technique engages several muscle groups at the same time. You get an intense workout without having to isolate muscle groups.

Kettlebell workouts are also great for limiting your risk of injury and building endurance.