For ladies, there isn't a better legs, booty, tummy and arm toning routine. For men, the final results from doing the kettle bell swing are usually well defined 6 pack abs and also an awesome toned body. What’s better yet, is that you actually will notice the effects in an incredibly short time period by simply only doing the exercise two times a week during an exercise routine which lasts roughly 15-20 minutes (including rest breaks). That’s it. Want a toned physique in 1 month training two times a week for 15-20 minutes? Seem good? Great, let’s get comfortable with the kettle bell swing…

The kettle bell swing is a method of strength training exercise that makes use of the kettlebell, a cast iron weight that looks just like a cannonball with a handle. The kettle bell swing is now a staple workout to individuals in the know, mainly because it gives you lots of benefits by simply combining aerobic, strength along with flexibility training in a single exercise.

The worldwide recognition of kettlebell training can certainly be accredited to Pavel Tsatsouline a retired Spetsnaz, or Russian Special Forces member, who made popular this method of training. Very recently, the kettlebell swing has received momentum together with the release of The 4 Hour Body, a handbook by Tim Ferris.

Tim Ferris challenges classic and common beliefs around diet, training and exercise and introduces the idea of the “minimum effective dose” - which is described as the lowest dose designed to produce a preferred outcome. In the context of training, Tim proposes exercises that get the greatest results with the minimal amount of work. The kettle bell swing was Tim’s king of physical exercises and he dedicated a complete chapter to it within the book. Tim said, “If you could only do one movement for the rest of your life, do the kettlebell swing”.

So, how should you carry out the kettlebell swing? Let’s look into the finer details of the technique.

It's best to first practice this exercise without using a kettlebell, just to get the movement accurate. Even if you are a proficient veteran of the kettlebell swing, a few reps without the kettlebell definitely will invoke your muscle memory to ensure that you're doing the motion the right way.

The ideal technique is as follows:

  1. Stand looking in a straight line forward, along with your toes about 15 - 30 centimetres or 6-12 inches past shoulder width.
  2. Position the toes outward at approx 30 degrees from straight ahead.
  3. Maintain the shoulders back to avoid rounding of the back and do not shrug the shoulder area at any time throughout the movements. You want to preserve a fairly neutral spine through the entire range of motion so that the neck along with the rest of the spine is in alignment throughout the entire swing.
  4. Your backswing action is a movement a lot like sitting yourself down in a chair which in turn loads up the hamstrings, thighs and butt. Imagine you are closing your car door with your bum - your rear needs to be sticking as far back as possible. This specific motion is not a squat and there's only minimal knee bend.
  5. Both of your arms gripping the kettlebell are between your thighs. Your forearms really should be inside of your groin with your hands back behind and underneath the glutes. Reach back deeply to make sure you load up the hamstrings, buttocks and hips as much as you are able.
  6. The upswing is a result of a forceful and powerful hip snap. Visualize pinching a gold coin between the glutes and then pop your hips forward at the same time as you drive down through the heels.
  7. The arms should continue being straight yet loose through the entire movement. It is the energy of the hip snap which in turn raises the kettlebell. Imagine your arms are simply just cords which attach the kettlebell to the torso and it really is the lower body where the force derives from. The movement is all in the hips so you shouldn’t experience any strain in the shoulder area which must stay relaxed and pulled back from start to finish.
  8. Towards the top of the swing, the stomach muscles are tight, the glutes are squeezed together and tight, and the knee caps drawn upward.
  9. The kettlebell should really swing effortlessly in a pendulum motion to chest height.
  10. Exhale in the course of exertion or near the top of the hip popping action.
  11. Breath in whilst you return the kettle bell towards the beginning position during the downswing.
  12. Rinse and repeat focusing on 50 - 75 reps.

The kettle bell swing is evenly effective for both men and women in building an incredibly healthy posterior chain, the family of muscles, tendons and ligaments that extend from the lower skull to the Achilles tendons. As the kettlebell swing trains the overall posterior chain, accomplished accurately, this work out could certainly build an extraordinarily athletic and ripped body in a somewhat short time. Implemented with a good diet program, life transforming body reshaping as well as composition can certainly take place in only 4 weeks for both males and females alike. Get started with the kettlebell swing right now to reprogram your life!