For anyone who frequents a gym or has ever been to one, you might have noticed that a considerable area of the gym is geared towards folks who are lifting weights, and you’ll find that there is variety of dumbbells available for these people to use. Dumbbells are popular, because they are easy to use, whether it is used in your home or the gym. Although commonly associated with weight lifters, many now use dumbbells as an accessory to tone their body as well.

A new workout trend emerging is using kettlebell’s, which are simply a heavy cast iron ball (like a bowling ball) with a handle on the top of it. These kettlebell workout’s originated in Russia and are becoming increasingly popular all over the world now. These weight range for these kettlebell’s start from 4lbs all the way to 200lbs, and they can be used to train any muscle in your body. Newer models of kettlebells are also being produced in non-metal composites as well now.

Here are some Kettlebell swing benefits:

Kettlebell Swing Benefits  –  are perfect for strength and conditioning training. There are unlimited exercises you can perform which can help you strength the muscles in your arms, legs, back and stomach. Common kettlebell exercises are squats, push-up’s and dead-lifts!

Kettlebell Swing Benefits – While working on your strength and conditioning, you’ll be happy to learn that this will also help out your lung and heart capacity, in other words, you’re also getting yourself a good cardio workout!

Kettlebell Swing Benefits – So far you have seen the benefits of using a kettlebell, it helps with strength and conditioning as well as cardio, well, put all these together and you’ll also find yourself losing some weight! Burning excess calories will help your weight loss at the same time, while toning and building your muscles!Kettlebell Swing Benefits

The reason why kettlebell exercises are becoming so popular these days is because they are not complex at all, if done correctly, you’re bound to see the benefits of your workout program, but it has to be mentioned that care should be taken when using these kettlebells as they are heavy and can seriously hurt you if you’re not careful.

These are just some kettlebell swing benefits that one can enjoy. Remember that kettlebells are available in all colors and weights, and that if you’re not sure about how using kettlebell will affect your health; please consult your local health care provider!