Kettler Kadett Rower


- Will get great workouts
- Compact
- Easy to store and move
- Quiet


- About $600

Full Review

Rowing Machines Trump the Competition

Many people are not familiar with the Kettler Kadett rowing machine. In fact, many people are not even familiar with rowing machines in general. Every gym and workout facility is packed with treadmills, ellipticals and cyclers, but rarely will there be even one rower.

There are many benefits to a Kettler rowing machine over many other exercise equipment out there, and it is unfortunate because you can get a much better workout with the Kettler Kadett rower. Some factors to consider are size, noise, price and weight loss potential. Whatever is most important to you, the Kettler Kadett will not disappoint.

While treadmills and elliptical are very mainstream, there are some common problems when wanting one for your home. They are very large. They can cost an arm and a leg, as prices can jump into the thousands. They can really only target your legs as far as strength building. And finally, these machines are loud!

The Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine - Outrigger Style

What makes the Kettler Kadett rower unique is its outrigger technology. With it, your arms sweep outwards to truly emulate the actual rowing experience. This is great for all the scullers out there.

The Kettler Kadett rowing machine utilizes two hydraulic cylinder pumps to deliver constant resistance. There are 12 settings of resistance in all. The seat slides on the track as if it were frictionless. The foot plates are easily adjusted to accomodate for any person's height and strap you in firmly. This rowing machine weighs about 66 pounds, which is almost nothing compared to other expensive equipment.

It is amazing just how intense of a workout you can get with the Kettler Kadett. Your calves, quads, thighs, shoulders and back will all be getting a workout doing the rowing motion. There are several resistance settings to allow you adjust it according to your strength to get the most out of your workouts. You could lower the resistance for cardio or raise the resistance to build strength. The Kettler rowing machine includes a PC interface to track your performance so you can easily gauge how well you are doing.

In Closing

The Kettler Kadett rowing machine is one of the best options for a rowing machine on the market. It combines so many benefits of exercise equipment into one. It is light, easy to store, quiet when working out, made of very durable materials, and it is great for getting in shape!