The game of table tennis, also known as ping pong, is such an entertaining sport to play. Table tennis isn't like regular tennis. You don't use athletic prowess to help beat your opponent. You don't need to be a top-notched athlete to play table tennis. Ping pong is a game of pure skill. To play ping pong at a high caliber level, you need a quality outdoor table tennis table. A Kettler outdoor table tennis table is spacious and big. Indoor table tennis tables are find ping pong tables to play on, but they're so big and most people don't have the space for a full sized table tennis table. Kettler outdoor table tennis tables are expensive. Any quality outdoor table tennis table is going to cost some money. Down below is a look at different Kettler products out on the market. Paddles and balls aren't available during purchase.

Master Pro Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Master Pro is a find Kettler outdoor table tennis table that's loaded with features. It's an easy Kettler outdoor table tennis table to move, since it features four caster wheels; two on each side. The caster wheels features a two integrated locking system. It's a very sturdy Kettler outdoor ping pong table, and Kettler's finest product. The edges on the top are supported by aluminum tubing. The net is built right into the table, and the posts and the net's height can be adjusted. It's a foldable Kettler outdoor table tennis that features a Patented Safety Fold mechanism to prevent against unfortunate accidents. Whenever you buy a table tennis table that's foldable, look for dual lock safety features. Ping pong tables are big and heavy. An accident can seriously injury someone badly. One of the cool things about this Kettler tennis table is that half of the table can be folded up, and you can practice by yourself. The net remains in tact at all times. It's built strictly into the table. The table is decked out in blue and it's a professional outdoor table tennis table. There's 5 year warranty on the Master Pro. It's completely weather proof. You can purchase online at and Prices are over $1,000 dollars.

Top Star XL Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table

If you're looking for something cheaper, then the Top Star XL is going for great prices online. It's not too hard to find a good ping pong tennis table under $1,000 dollars. The Top Star XL is similar to the Master Pro. It can be used for indoor or outdoor use. It contains many of the same features as the Master Pro Kettler outdoor table tennis table. Four swivel wheels are featured, two on each side of the tables make it easy to move. It's also a folding table, featuring the Dual Lock Safety feature, to prevent an unfortunate accident and prevents the table from sliding out. It's a certified tournament tennis table for ping pong enthusiasts to play on. The Top Star XL Kettler outdoor table tennis table comes with a 5 year warranty. The legs and siding is made out of aluminum. It's 108 inches long, 60 inches wide, and 30 inches high. The court is blue. You can purchase online for great prices at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Stockholm GT Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Like the other Kettler products, the net is integrated right into the table. It's a foldable outdoor table tennis table that's weather proofed. Four caster wheels that are 4 1/2 inches come with a integrated locking system. You can also practice or play by yourself with the playback feature. You can fold the other half of the table up, and ricochet the ping pong ball for practice. It's a professional ping pong table that also includes the Dual Lock Safety feature. It's just as good as the Top Star and Master Pro. The table is built to prevent nicks and damages. It's UV protected and weather proofed. It's a strong table tennis table to play ping pong on that's built to last. There's just a 3 year warranty on the GT Kettler outdoor table tennis table. Other features include a certified true bounce tournament top and oval leg tubing to provide the proper support. Prices are going pretty cheap for the Stockholm GT. You can purchase online at for about $500 dollars.

Riga Pro Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table

If you're looking for the cheapest Kettler outdoor table tennis tables online, then the Riga Pro isn't nearly as expensive as other Kettler outdoor ping pong tables. It's slightly cheaper than the Stockholm GT. It's an international tournament sized tennis table. The net is integrated into the table. It's a little smaller than the other Kettler table tennis tables. It features dual 4 and 1/2" caster wheels on each side. It's a foldable table like the rest of the products, that also features the Dual Lock Safety mechanism to prevent accidents from occurring. The tennis table can be folded, and used as a solo practice ping pong table as well. It also features the certified true tournament bounce with a professional play surface that's decked in blue. The frame is made out of aluminum and it's completely weather proofed. Only a 2 year warranty comes with purchase. You can buy online at enasco for about $400 dollars.