Comparison Review: B31 and K10

Two of the best Keurig coffee machines have been compared so you get the chance to see how well they work, so you can buy the right one for you. Every machine is different, and knowing these differences can help you to walk away with the perfect coffee maker, that’s able to brew you the perfect cup each and every time. 

Brewing Options & Aspects

The Keurig B31 comes with three brewing options, which means you can choose between three different cup sizes each and every time. This is perfect because it means you don’t have to drink a huge cup of coffee if all you want is a small one. The Keurig K10 also comes with three brewing options: six, eight or ten ounce cups, helping to make your morning coffee that little bit more special.

Keurig B31 Mini Coffee Machine

Time to Brew

The B31 can brew you a fresh tasting cup of coffee in just two minutes, which I think you’ll agree is pretty impressive. Many modern kettles heat water in about two minutes, so it’s good to see a coffee maker competing with them as there are those that take just that little bit longer. The K10 model matches the B31 as it brews you a nice hot cup in just two minutes as well. We don’t always have the time to sit and wait for our coffee to brew, so knowing that it doesn’t take long to get your favorite hot drink brewed can be quite a relief.

Keurig K10 Plus Mini Coffee Machine

Size of Water Reservoir

The B31 has a single use reservoir, which means you will have to fill it up each time you want a coffee. This may seem like quite a lot of fuss, but if you only use the machine once or twice a day, you won’t need to pour much water into the reservoir. The K10 also has a single use reservoir, but if you like your water to be nice and fresh, this should not be much of a problem. The single usage also helps you to save a bit of energy too, as the water isn’t constantly being reheated.

Size (Dimensions)

The Keurig B31 coffee maker is 12.7 (H) x 12.2 (W) x 12.7 (D) inches, which isn’t very big, making it ideal if you have very little space or you’re simply looking for a relatively small model. The K10’s dimensions are: 10.8(H) x 6.9 (W) x 10.7(D) inches, making it just that bit smaller than the B31. Not everyone wants big bulky coffee makers, so this model could be ideal.


The B31 weighs just 10.2 pounds, which means it’s very easy to carry and move should you need to. These days’ kitchen appliances are getting smaller and lighter and it’s good to know that you can buy a coffee maker that is also pretty small and light too. When we compare the weight of the K10 with the B31, we see that it weighs 9.4 pounds, which is just that little bit lighter. This means it is more ideal to keep on top of a filing cabinet in your office or on a shelf in your kitchen or bedroom.

Additional Features & Aspects

The Keurig B31 is quite capable of brewing you a cup of tea, so if you fancy switching from coffee to tea, you can do just that. It also comes with a removable drip tray so you can easily wash away those spillages. The K10 comes in black, red or platinum, so you’re able to buy one that suits your décor, or is simply your favorite color. This model also comes with an energy saving option too, helping you to be even more environmentally friendly. 

Conclusion - Should You Buy the K10 & B31?

You have read about both the Keurig B31 and the K10 individually, but did you know the K10 is a newer version of the K31? It’s been updated slightly to give you a better brewing experience and so you can make use of its smaller size if you need to. There are no major differences between both these models apart from the size and the availability of different colors. If your kitchen or office space is not very big, you may want to think about purchasing the later model, (The Keurig K10), but you should be prepared to spend a little more money. If you’re quite happy with the black and slightly larger model, then you may be perfectly happy to buy the Keurig B31 and make use of all that it has to offer.

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Moreover, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the comparison acccount B31 Vs K10 or about either model B31 or K10 specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section that you will find just below the fold and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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