Comparison Review: B40 and B60

The Keurig brand of coffee makers is a very stylish one, and you can expect to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee or two every single time. Choosing between two very similar models (where specifically here we are comparing the B40 Vs B60) is not always that easy, even if they look quite similar, chances are they will perform in different ways. This means that if you’re shopping for a coffee maker, you need to be sure you’re getting the right one for you, so you can have that perfect cup of coffee made whenever you wish. In order to make your choice little easier, we have compared two of the most popular models so you can get one step closer to finding the right Keurig model for you.

Brewing Options & Aspects

When it comes to the all-important aspect of brewing your coffee, the Keurig B60 model offers a choice between 3 different sized cups: large, medium and small. This is perfect for those times when you either need a quick cuppa, a medium one if you have a bit of time to enjoy it, and the large is perfect for first thing in the morning, or maybe at lunch time. 

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The Keurig B40 has 2 different sized cups: large and medium, so you have less of a choice as you would with the B60, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The 2 hour automatic shut off prevents the coffee maker from over-heating, and it means you won’t have to rush back to turn it off before you leave the house

Keurig B60 Special Ed. Brewing Coffee Machine

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Time to brew

Once the Keurig B60 is full of water, it will only take just 4 minutes to heat your water, and that’s a good thing as older machines have made us wait longer. This means you can turn your machine on as soon as you reach the kitchen, giving you time to fix your breakfast and voila! Your coffee will be ready. As with the B60, the Keurig B40 takes just 4 minutes to heat up your water, which may be slightly longer than it takes a kettle, but brewing coffee this way is a far tastier experience all round.

Size of Water Reservoir

The B60’s water reservoir holds an impressive 48 ounces of water, which equates to a delicious 8 cups before it needs to be refilled. This is plenty of coffee for large households, or those times when you need to come home after work and relax as your coffee gets brewing. The B40 is also able to hold 48 ounces of water, giving you and your family or friends the chance to enjoy as many cups as you wish. 

Size (Dimensions)
The Keurig B60 model’s dimensions are: 14.9 x 12.2 x 14.2 inches, making it a good size to fit on any counter top, or even on top of a filing cabinet in your office. The Keurig B40’s dimensions are exactly the same as the B60’s making it a little bigger than you may have imagined. However, this model isn’t too big to sit nicely in your kitchen, and with its smooth black finish it will complement just about any décor. 


The B60 weighs a good 13 pounds (Shipping weight), which means it’s not too heavy to place on a filing cabinet, shelf or anywhere else you would like to store it.
The Keurig B40’s shipping weight is just 1 pound heavier than that of the B60, making it a reasonable 14 pounds. Although this is not particularly heavy, you should make sure that any surface you place it on is capable of holding the machine. 

Additional Features & Specifications

When it comes to features, the Keurig B60 comes with a programmable digital clock and a very smooth and easy to read digital display that lets you know how long you have to wait for your coffee. This coffee machines also uses k-cups, which have been specifically manufactured so there are no spillages, which means you have less cleaning up to do. The Keurig B40 has a lovely smooth finish and 2 very stylish buttons that let you choose your desired cup size. A descale indicator will let you know exactly when the coffee maker needs to be cleaned, and the removable drip tray is ideal for catching those little spillages.

Conclusion - Which will Keurig Machine will you get the B40 or B60?

The main difference between the Keurig B60 and the B40 is the number of brew size options. The B60 comes with 3 cup size options, whereas the B40 only has two. The B60 also comes with a nice LED display that complements the coffee maker, giving it just that extra hint of style and making it slightly more desirable than its smaller counterpart.

Have You Considered Upgrading to the Keurig B70?

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