Comparison Review: B60 and K75

When you are looking for a coffee maker to help you grab a cup of your favorite hot drink whenever you want it, you may struggle in your search. There are so many options out there on the market right now, and it can be so difficult deciding which on you’re going to take home.  To help you slim down your search a little bit, this article will help you to choose between two of the best that are on the market right now. 

Brewing Options & Aspects

We all want to know how well a coffee maker performs, and if it’s capable of brewing us the perfect cup whenever we need it. The Keurig B60 offers you the chance to choose between three different cup sizes: small, medium and large, giving you the chance to enjoy the right sized cup for you, each and every time. The Keurig K75 comes with 5 different brewing options, so if you love a cup of coffee no matter what size it is, this could be the perfect model for you. If you would like to have the pleasure of choosing between a 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounce cup, you’re going to be in coffee heaven. What’s more is you’re also able to program your favorite cup size, which means you can that perfect cup anytime you want.

Keurig B60 Special Ed. Coffee Brewing Machine

Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System
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Time to brew

Although coffee machines usually take a bit longer to brew coffee than a kettle would, they don’t take too much longer. The Keurig B60 for example, is capable of brewing up your favorite drink in just 4 minutes. This is no time at all, and it means you can get on with fixing your meal or snack while the B60 gets to work for you. As with the B60, the K75 takes 4 minutes to heat up your water, which isn’t long at all.

Keurig K75 Coffee Brewing Machine

Size of water reservoir

With the ability to hold up to 48 ounces of water, the B60’s reservoir is quite a big one. This means you can enjoy 8 cups of coffee without having to refill the reservoir as often as you may think. The Keurig K75 comes with a very impressive 72 ounce water reservoir, which means you can enjoy 6 12 ounce cups should you and your family, friends or colleagues wish. 

Size (Dimensions)

The B60 is a reasonably sized coffee maker, and the dimensions are: 14.9 x 12.2 x 14.2 inches, this makes it a good sized machine that will fit nicely in your kitchen or in your office. A lot of older models are big and bulky, but the B60 seems just about right.
The K75’s dimensions are: 14.9 x 16.8 x 12.2 inches, making it slightly wider than the B60, but it comes with less depth, which is perfect if you have a narrow space to store the coffee maker.


The Keurig B60 when shipped weighs 13 pounds; this means it’s not too heavy to place on a kitchen unit, a strong shelf, or even a filing cabinet in the corner of your office. The low weight also makes it ideal to move about if you need to switch locations occasionally.
The K75 weighs just 12 pounds, so it’s not particularly heavy, and can be considered portable if you need to move it to clean the surrounding area, or simply to another location in your house or office. 

Additional Features & Aspects

The B60 comes with a range of features, including a digital clock, a programmable timer which is ideal if you want to drink a cup of coffee at a particular time of day. There’s also a digital display that tells you when the coffee is ready to drink, and that’s probably the most important feature there is. The K75 comes with dishwasher safe parts, which makes it so much easier to clean. The removable drip tray is also handy as it catches spillages before they make a mess. There’s also a one touch control panel that helps you to brew your favorite cup of coffee in no time at all.

Conclusion - Should You Buy a B60 or K75?

Both the B60 and the K75 coffee machines work exceptionally well, offering the user a chance to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in no time at all. While the B60 has a good range of features such as the digital clock, the K75 can offer you so much more, including the chance to enjoy 5 different size cups of coffee and a water reservoir that won’t need re-filling very often. 

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Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the comparison account of the B60 Vs K75 or about either model B60 or K75 specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section (which you will find just below the fold) and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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