The Keurig coffee maker uses the new K-Cups instead of loose grounds which are purchased in bags or cans from brands such as Folger's and Yuban. After using a traditional coffee maker for years we got inspired to try a different approach. A few of my friends and family had recently mentioned the Keurig brand in conversations discussing their new brewers. One of the positives about this maker that came up in multiple conversations was the ease of use. They would also talk about how quick and easy it is to use. The third most common conversation piece regarding this coffee maker was the variety of coffee you can have available at your fingertips.

After hearing the same pro's come up so many times I decided that it was time for my office to give a Keurig a whirl. I would constantly come across the same issues with our current coffee maker almost every single time I would want some Joe. There was the issue of time, not in how long it would take to brew, but rather the time it would take to prep the machine by filling it with water, adding a filter and measuring out the correct amount of grounds. The other problem would be that after making my cup or two, the pot needed to be rinsed or cleaned for the next use.

Flavor became another dilemma with our classic brewer. There was a major lack of variety because we would buy grounds in bulk. I know we could have simply purchased other varieties, but being one individual in an office of multiple workers, I didn't want to select a blend that my colleagues didn't care for. Seeing that using a Keurig would resolve this issue with the use of Variety Packs gave me the confidence that this was the appropriate solution for my particular environment. K-Cups are made by a variety of companies. You can select from Newman's Own, Caribou Coffee, or Green Mountain Coffee's Mountain Blueberry cups just to name a few. And if you would like the option of purchasing grounds in bulk, there is also the option of purchasing a reusable K-Cup. It can be filled with any variety of coffee grounds and used just as the disposable K-Cups would, which would save money over time.

We opted for the Keurig Elite, which holds more water than the Mini but has less options than the B60. Referring back to what I was told by friends and family regarding Ease of Use, Speed, and Variety?

Ease of Use: It is very easy to use. And I mean very.
1. Fill the water container with water.
2. Open the K-Cup holder.
3. Put in your selected K-Cup.
4. Close the holder.
5. When the brew light is ready, press brew.

In fact, I don't think it would be possible to make it more simple. What I like about it is that you literally place your mug or cup directly underneath the spout. It then brews your hot coffee directly into it. When its done you can grab your cup and be on with your day. After enjoying your coffee you simply clean your cup and toss the used K-Cup. That's it!

Speed: I wouldn't say that the speed is much faster than a normal brewer. Perhaps by a minute, but not noticable enough to change my opinion of the Keurig. The simplicity solves the issue of preparation, but brew speed is not much of an improvement. Again, I can wait 2 minutes for my cup to brew and not be disappointed. So I am happy with the overall speed.

Variety: This would have to be my favorite part of the Keurig. With options galore, you simply cannot get bored with a Keurig. There are so many options to choose from and you have the ability to change your flavor between every cup. There are even K-Cups for teas. Your coffee maker can follow a cup of coffee with a cup of hot tea without changing anything but the K-Cup you put in. I recommend trying Green Mountain's Wild Mountain Blueberry flavor or the Donut Shop Coffee by Coffee People. Both are rich and full of flavor.

So what has my overall experience with the Keurig been? Great! I recommend finding a friend or store which will let you try to machine out for yourself before purchasing it. However, I can gaurantee you won't be disappointed if you opt to pick one up online.