The Amazine Keurig One Cup Coffee Maker

Like most people, my morning coffee sets the foundation for my day. Without my morning single cup of coffee... well let's just say you don't want to be around me. I sit around staring at my coffee machine, just waiting for that blessed brown beverage to brew. Coffee is the one addiction I have and the Keurig single cup coffee maker system lets me get it right every time.

Keurig Coffee Maker B60Whether you enjoy coffee, tea or hot cocoa, you can make it exactly the way you like it with K-Cup portion packs. The unique coffee pod system that Keurig utilizes makes for a well brewed and fresh cup of coffee in just under a minute. The correct amount of coffee ground are packed into each K cup and sealed and dated to ensure freshness. The pure variety offered by Keurig is mind boggling. You could probably have a different roast of coffee every day of the week, and still not reach the limit.

I like coffee and other hot gourmet drinks, but I can never seem to get any consistency in the quality and taste when I make them myself. Maybe I lack the ability to read and comprehend the instructions. Or more likely, I lack the patience to measure the water and get the levels just right in the spoon. Or perhaps it's just the lack of coordination in the mornings when my brain is barely functioning and counting spoonfulls of coffee grounds into my coffee machine is just out of my mental reach... Whatever the problem is, I have now found away to overcome it.

The Keurig coffee maker system takes the guess work out of measuring, and with five different cup sizes you can make your hot gourmet drinks whatever strength you would like it to be.

You see with the Keurig system you can not only vary the amount of water you use to make your beverage as strong or as weak as you like, the gourmet coffees, teas and cocoas come in pre-measured packs, so the consistency always stays the same.

The Keurig K-Cups come in hundreds of name brands, from your favorite Celestrial Seasons herbal teas and gourmet coffees from around the world, to hot chocolate from Ghirardelli.

But here's the best part:

Because of the special packaging used with K-Cups keeps unwanted light and oxygen out, your coffee tea and cocoa stay fresh and flavorful. This also means there are no filters to buy. Which is makes this system economical. There is less mess involved and it is quicker and easier to use than a regular coffee maker. And speaking of quicker, not only do not have to pour water from the tea kettle, but you don't have to steep your tea, which always seems to take forever.

For me all of this means I now have an foolproof system for making my favorite hot gourmet drinks that taste the way I want them to every time. So there you have it. Keurig One Cup Coffee Makers are a quick easy to use system for making your favorite hot beverages, with minimal mess and expense. Keurig has a big lineup of different single serve coffee machines from the Keurig B60, B50, B40, B30, and more. All are designed with a different kind of person in mind and have slightly different features. You could also check out some other competing brands like the Senseo Coffee Makers among other one cup coffee machine brands. The consistent factor with all of Keurig's products is the high quality and reliable technology. When it comes to getting your cup of coffee in the morning on the go: What more could you ask for?