My wife and I very rarely if ever agree on the flavor of coffee to drink in the morning. The problem is that we could never get the perfect amount of grounds one cup at a time in a traditional coffee maker. Then we heard about the Keurig from a friend. He told us that he can brew  one cup at a time. I was very excited about this, but at the same time wondered, what took this idea so long. I certainly am not the only lover of gourmet coffee and my wife and I are certainly not the only couple whose taste differ. Then I thought that I should be researching this rather than trying to figure out why I didn't engineer it.


The Keurig  is indeed a single-cup coffee maker. What really impresses me about it is that the gruounds come in small plastic cups known as K Cups. Many different companies have jumped on the band wagon and are making K cups now. In fact, according to an article published recently on, "More than 80% of Green Mountain's sales come from K Cups and Keurig machines."

When I travelled to the Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase a Keurig, I noticed that there were dozens of people walking out of the store carrying them. I felt like Arnold on Jingle All The Way as I ran through the store frantically looking for there Keurig Coffee Machine display.

When I found it I grabbed the first Platinum Edition brewer that I saw. I also grabbed a couple of large boxes with assorted types and brands of K Cups in them. I was so excited to get this home and play with my new toy.

When I get home I discovered thatthe Keurig  was a little easier to use than some of the coffee makers that I had bought in the past. There are just a few simple steps:

  • Fill up the reservoir with water
  • Place the K Cup into its holder
  • Place a cup below the brewer
  • Push the button and the coffee will be finished in less than a minute.

I also discovered that there were dozens of different flavors to choose from. In my haste to make sure that I got a brewer, I hadn't paid any attention to which of the K Cups I had bought. It turns out that I bought some very good K Cups.

Once I settled down and began really examining the brewer I also discovered that I can set the temperature the coffee is brewed at. My wife likes her coffee much warmer than I do. Now we can each brew the perfect cup.

I first cup I made was a Donut House Extra Bold. It was an excellent cup of coffee. The problem was that I arrived back home around 5 pm and then we each had a few cups of coffee. We were up awfully late that night and had a difficult time getting up for work the next morning. I highly recommend Keurig Coffee makers.