Coffee is the Quicker Picker Upper

The smell of freshly grounding coffee beans and the humming sound of the coffee machine is music to the soul in the morning. That one cup of coffee in the morning defines the tone for the entire day. Coffee lovers eagerly look forward to each morning, to sip the hot creamy beverage that will wake up their senses. A favorite mug is chosen, with special attention to detail. The thickness of the rim should be just perfect; the handle should fit like it was made for your hands. Pouring the coffee, and waiting for the froth to settle on the rim of the mug is the best delight in the world.Big cup of coffeeCredit:

Caffeine has been proven to boost energy levels, alleviate the mood and give a general feeling of well being. That is the reason why many people around the globe, welcome the start of the day with an aromatic cup of coffee. I love the way the coffee brewing in the morning fills the house with the aromatic sense of pleasure.  A way to define mornings at my house is with the smell of coffee.

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Restaurant Quality-coffee at your home

The greatest breakthrough in coffee making is the coffee maker. The ultimate savior of time, cost, energy and providing the adequate combination required for a cup of coffee. The greatest benefit is getting your coffee fresh each morning. Waking up to such a pleasure is a blessing in disguise. The secret of coffee making lies in the perfect blend, and brewing it to perfection. A coffee maker provides the ultimate solution, giving perfection within minutes.

Earlier, grounding and beating coffee was such a hassle, that unfortunately many coffee lovers were forced to switch to alternative quick solutions, such as instant coffee. I cannot imagine how the ancestors use to dream of the time when they could harvest, dry, and roast the beans only then to have to wait for it to be grounded and then find a way to make the coffee bean become that cup of hot java. 

Comparing instant coffee to freshly ground coffee is similar to saying beer tastes the same as matured branded old wine. Emphasizing, on the notion; a comparison does not exist! Coffee is not drank, it is sipped and savored until as the commercial says it is “Good to the last drop.”

A Combination of Technology and Convenience

The ultimate coffee machine; Keurig K-cup Home brewer is a one of its kind coffee brewer. A Keurip K-cup Home brewerCredit: of convenience and state of the art technology, it offers various features. Not only does it make you a great cup of coffee in less than one minute, it has different quantity settings for single cup or a choice of 2 cup sizes. Now you can enjoy a cup of coffee by yourself or share the joy with a loved one! My wife will not share. She thinks, and I agree, the single serving is not enough.  Even the two cup size is not enough for her in the morning. 

I enjoy waking up before her just to be able to make her cup of coffee and then have it setting on the counter for her.  I then go upstairs and say “wake up sweetie, your cup of coffee is next to the microwave”  She will growl at me once but make her way down the stairs to retrieve her cup of java.  She is so beautiful in the morning.  Wait this is suppose to be an article review of the Keurig K-cup coffee maker, not my wife.  Stay focus, Jerry, and drink more caffeine. This coffee maker does not take up much space on the counter.  More hotels should look into purchasing these machines. Or I guess since it does not take up must space we could pack it up and take it with us wherever we go, as we don’t forget the K-cups and a travel mug.

Inbuilt patented K-cups

The inbuilt patented K-cups ensure a clean process without hassle of cleaning messy counters. It has made coffee amking a clean and easy task with a touch of a button. Keurig K-cup also has a removable 48-ounce water reservoir and removable drip tray. This reservoir can hold up to eight cups before refilling. Allowing you to enjoy coffee mornings with your friends and family! It also caters to a wide range of coffee and beverage lovers, enabling you to brew a professional latte, espresso or cappuccino, tea, hot cocoa and iced drinks in the comfort of your home. The kids really enjoy the hot chocolate, but they do not refill the water supply. 

There is no doubt that this will be the best investment you can make for yourself to enjoy in your kitchen. Your very own 'Starbucks franchise' at home.  Yes you can buy Starbucks K-cupsStarbucks K-cupsCredit: that taste just like it came from the corner Starbucks coffee shop.  It will provide you with a fresh, hot cup of brewed love, I mean coffee at anytime of the day.

Users from all over the world, testify that Keurig K- Cup Home Brewer is the best solution for them to their morning coffee or brunch parties. Not only is it easy to operate, but also easy to clean and maintain. To treat yourself, or to give as a special gift that will be remembered with warmth and love, Keurip K-cup Home Brewer is the best choice!

Rinse and shine

Rise and shine to your very own Keurip K-cup Home brewer; you can choose to wake up to the aroma and froth of freshly brewed coffee, that will ensure well being and keep you on your feet all day long! It would certainly be a delight, to return tired and exhausted from work to a rejuvenating cup of coffee at home; and relax and unwind on your favorite couch. Now, feel free to invite your favorite company, impress your neighbors or have weekend brunches with family at the expense of your very own Keurip K-cup Home Brewer. 

Don’t take my word for it, buy your own and let me know what you think. 

Keurig K-Cup Home Brewer
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