Comparison Review: B70 and K70

Keurig produces some very fine coffee makers, helping coffee lovers everywhere to enjoy a cup of the good stuff whenever they please. However, choosing from the range of Keurig models can be hard as there are many different options. Fortunately, I’m going to help you out a little bit by comparing two for you, so your search for the perfect one is narrowed down and so much easier. 

Brewing options

The Keurig K70 comes with a very impressive five brewing options, which means your choice of cup size is now bigger than ever before. This means you can have the chance to choose the perfect one for you. If you’re in a hurry, one of the smaller size cups may just do, whereas if you have time to indulge yourself in a big cup, you can do just that with ease. The Keurig B70 comes with five brewing options too, whereas many other models simply offer you the choice of three. If you want as much choice as possible, you won’t go wrong with this coffee maker. 

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Time to brew

The K70 takes just one minute to heat the water that you’ve placed in the water reservoir. Make sure you don’t used chilled water, as this brand of machine will only work with room temperature water. Four minutes is quite a reasonable amount of time to wait for the water to be heated, which means you can turn it on, get yourself a bite to eat, and your coffee will be ready and waiting. The Keurig B70 also takes just four minutes to heat and brew a cup of coffee for you, your family and friends, so you can enjoy a lovely hot cup whenever you please. Although this model takes a little longer, your coffee will taste fresh and delicious every single time. 

Size of water reservoir

The K70 has a very large water reservoir, an incredible 72 ounces, which gives you the scope to get many cups of coffee each and every day. This is perfect for those who drink a lot of coffee, or a team of people who like to have a few cups through-out the day. 
The B70 comes with a 60 ounce water reservoir, making it almost as impressive as the K70. If you’re not one to drink a lot of coffee, the smaller reservoir may suffice. 

Size (dimensions)

The Keurig K70’s dimensions are 14.93 x 12.25 x 14.15 inches, which is a good size for a coffee maker as it’s not too big, but it’s large enough to brew you as many as eight cups without the need to refill the water reservoir. The Keurig B70’s dimensions are 13.5 x 13 x 10 inches, making it a smaller model, but it’s still quite a nice size and capable of meeting your coffee related needs through-out the day. 


When it comes to the weight of the K70, you will be pleased to know that it only weighs 20 pounds. This is good news because it means you will be able to move it if you need to, without having to worry about the weight.The B70 weighs just 10 pounds, which isn’t very much, but it happens to be perfect if you want to place the coffee maker on a desk, shelf or a unit in your kitchen. Please make sure you test the strength of the shelf or unit before you place your coffee maker on it. Remember, these machines will contain very hot water, so it’s vital to ensure you place them on a flat and stable surface. 


The K70 comes with a digital display, a one-touch control system and dishwasher safe parts. Its elegant finish gives it quite a modern look, without being over the top. The blue backlit LCD display is a nice touch, and it helps you to ensure you select the right sized cup of coffee.The B70 is a nicely finished coffee maker that will look good just about anywhere, and it’s easy to use menu options ensure you can get a good cup of coffee, fast. 

Conclusion - Which should you buy the K70 or B70?

The Keurig K70 and B70 are two very different coffee makers, while they are both more than capable of brewing and pouring you a good cup of coffee. The K70 is a bigger model, making it perfect for use in a busy household or place of work. It’s also great at brewing your coffee in no time at all, and its nice smooth finish makes it just that little bit better than the smaller B70. 

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