Keurig mugs and travel cup accessories are definitely more expensive than the average set of coffee mugs and accessories; however, the Keurig models are built with a much higher quality standard in mind. The majority of people overlook the importance of buying a great travel mug; most people think that they shouldn’t put much thought into the purchase since a travel mug only costs about $20.

The truth of the matter is that you will be using any of the Keurig coffee mugs that you buy for years to come; thus, making it much more important than you can imagine. This article has no intentions of selling you the Keurig mugs or travel cup accessories; however, it will open your eyes to the benefits of choosing one of these coffee travel mugs!

Keurig Has A Spill And Leak Proof Mug For People That Are On-The-Go

Whether you are going for your daily run or driving over a speed bump with your portable coffeeKeurig Spill And Leak Proof Travel MugCredit: mug, you will definitely benefit from having a spill and leak proof lid! Coffee is one of the worst things to spill because it has a potent smell that lingers around for hours, and stains clothing pretty badly. If you could only choose one product out of the selection of all of the Keurig mugs and travel cup accessories, I would definitely recommend buying the Keurig spill and leak proof mug, as it will prevent any coffee from spilling onto your clothes!

The spill and leak proof coffee mug by Keurig will cost you about $20 more than the average travel mug by other popular brands; however, $20 is a small price to pay considering the amount of time that you will have the mug! The average person will own any of the Keurig mugs and travel cup accessories for about 5 years before moving on to a new coffee travel mug. Choosing the spill and leak proof Keurig mug ends up costing you an additional $4 per year when you divide the additional cost over 5 years! Four dollars per year is a small price to pay in order to protect your clothes and furniture from a coffee spill!

Use The Mini Travel Bag To Store Your Travel Mug And Extra Keurig Pods

It seems to be more common for stores to carry Keurig coffee machines. I have seen plenty of doctors’ offices and oil change stations that have placed a Keurig coffee machine in the corner of their waiting room. Some of the places will provide their patients with a courtesy KeuriKeurig K-Cup Travel The World SamplerCredit: Amazon.comg coffee pod as part of the visit; however, the majority of the doctors’ offices and oil change stations will expect the visitors to bring their own Keurig coffee pods to brew. The mini travel bag is the least necessary of the Keurig mugs and travel cup accessories; however, it is a must-have for anybody that enjoys a coffee on-the-go.

In addition, many employers have placed a Keurig coffee machine in the lunch room; employees can bring their own Keurig mugs, pods, and travel cup accessories. The mini travel bag by Keurig is one of the best accessories for coffee lovers because it will provide them with a place to store their coffee mug and pods. In addition, this is the perfect gift for people that are looking for a Christmas gift for coffee lovers!

Enjoy An Iced Espresso? Try The Keurig Iced Beverage Tumbler

Iced espressos and coffees seem to be an up and coming trend that is set to last for a long time. Tim Horton’s iced Cappuccinos have been growing in popularity since the late 90’s, and have set the standard for the way that iced coffees should taste. There are plenty of ways to make iced espressos at home; however, many people are concerned about the way that they can Keurig B-40 Single Cup Brewing SystemCredit: Amazon.combring the iced espresso around with them. When it comes to Keurig mugs and travel cup accessories, there aren’t many products that will allow you to bring around a cold coffee. However, there is one portable coffee tumbler that sticks out in regards to quality, and price.

The Keurig iced beverage tumbler can be considered as being one of the travel cup accessories, as well as one of the Keurig mugs. It costs under $30, and will definitely keep your coffee cold for nearly 2 hours! People tend to drink their iced coffees relatively slowly on hot days in order to keep their bodies fuelled and cooled. With this Keurig tumbler, you can sip on your iced coffee for nearly 2 hours, which is long enough to last your trip at the grocery store, nightly walk, or workout session at the gym.

Keurig Mugs And Travel Cup Accessories Are Much More Expensive Than Other Brands, But You Can Be Sure That You Are Getting Amazing Products!

As was stated at the beginning of the article, the travel mug that you choose will probably be the one that you will be using nearly every day for the next 5-6 years. With that being said, will the extra $20 that you spend to buy an amazing Keurig mug instead of a decent no-name brand mug make that much of a difference? I didn’t think so!

The one downside to all of the Keurig mugs and travel cup accessories that are featured throughout this article is their price! Almost everyone that works 5 days per weeks tends to have at least one coffee in their travel mug per day; this translates to using the portable coffee mug over 250 times per year! Whether you are buying a Christmas gift for a coffee lover or simply looking to purchase a new work-accessory for yourself, you should always take a look at the Keurig mugs and travel cup accessories before any of the other mugs. I can guarantee that every other travel mug will seem horrible when being compared to the Keurig models; you will definitely not mind spending the extra $20 or $30 once you have made the comparison!