The K65 & K75 Comparison

Like many are you debating whether to invest in the Keurig K65 or K75? Well this comparison guide of the K65 Vs K75 -- will walk you through a brief contrast of them both, feature by feature, so you will be to easily decide on which is the right Keurig coffee maker for you.

Keurig has become well-known for making high quality coffee makers that use revolutionary k-cups to turn the chore of making a perfectly blended cup of hot coffee completely foolproof. Along the way, several models of the Keurig have been created, which can make it difficult to decide which one is right for you. The K65 and K75 are two such models, and they are among the most popular Keurig machines made yet. Here’s some help so that you to decide which one is the proper choice for your home.

Features Common to Both Machines

Like any Keurig coffee maker, these machines use the unique k-cups to make delicious coffee very quickly that is perfectly heated and as easy as can be. These k-cups are easy to find at any grocery store or big-box store, and can even be mailed right to your door. What makes them so popular is that they simply pop right into the machine with no measuring, and after the coffee is done they are easily removed with no mess.

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Both the K65 and K75 are classic single cup coffee brewing machines with a one-touch control panel and an attractive backlit blue LCD display with digital clock included. Both can be electronically programmed to turn on and off and adjusted to bring the brewing temperature to the level you are most comfortable with.

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Each machine has a similar profile and includes a removable drip tray that makes it easy to keep things clean, as well as having dishwasher safe components. The water tank is lit with a soft blue light to make it very easy to see the current water level, and these machines will show you when it’s time to give them a deeper clean with the descale indicator.

Best Basic Keurig

The K65 may just be the best basic Keurig and it includes the most popular brewing sizes of 6, 8, and 10 ounces. It is 12.2 inches high, 14.9 inches long, and 14.2 inches wide, and is attractive enough to sit on the counter full-time. The K65 is brown in color, and includes a 60-ounce reservoir - about enough for 8 cups of coffee - before refilling is necessary.

K75 versus K65

The K75 model steps it up a notch with 2 more size options. In addition to the 6, 8, and 10 ounce capacity of the K65, this unit adds a 4 and 12 ounce size. It has the same height and length dimensions but is wider at 16.8 inches, due to the larger reservoir. This model will hold 72 ounces of water at a time - about enough for 10 cups of coffee. The only other difference is the color, where the K75 comes in silver instead of the brown color of the K65.

What Else Does Keurig Do?

Besides making a very high quality cup of coffee in a jiffy, Keurig machines are a fantastic way to quickly pour hot water over your favorite tea. Simply brew without a k-cup inserted and you’ll get clean hot water set to your favorite temperature in seconds. Another add-on option is the reusable filter, sold separately, which allows you to use your own fresh-ground coffee instead of k-cups when you want to. This way you can get the great taste and convenience of k-cups when you want to without losing the ability to grind your own beans and brew your own once in a while.

Benefits of K65 and K75

A particularly great aspect about the K65 and K75 is that they are fast, use no disposable filters, and are so easy that anyone can make a cup of coffee in no time. This is a great social coffeemaker as your guests can all enjoy a cup of whichever flavor suits them most. That makes it really fun for entertaining, and some attractive countertop k-cup holders are available to make selection of the k-cups easy for everyone. Even regular and decaf drinkers can enjoy a hot cup of coffee at the same time without brewing two pots - a serious convenience factor.

The best part of all, however, may be that there will never be a coffee pot to clean up or break, and the amazing variety of k-cups available is easy to find and keeps growing. If you love coffee, the Keurig demands a look.

As for the K65 vs K75, these are really the same machine with the slight difference in brew sizes, water tank capacity, and color. If you want the extra small or large sizes, the latter of which is great for a big travel mug, go with the K75. Otherwise, the K65 will get the job done perfectly.

Moreover, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the overview account of the Keurig K65 Vs K75 or about either machine specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section that you will find just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.