Kevlar pants are used in many occupations and recreational activities with good reason. They are incredibly tough and provide outstanding protection. Bikers, firefighters, loggers, and even athletes use Kevlar pants. Of course, Kevlar is legendary for its strength, but these pants are becoming more popular due to the styling and comfort they offer the wearer.

Kevlar is a Dupont product that is used in a wide variety of applications. Many people are familiar with its use in bulletproof vests and other body armor, but it is also used for things like tires, canoes, kayaks, rope and dozens of other items where flexible strength is needed. Stronger than steel on a pound for pound basis it is the perfect material for safety pants.


Bikers are increasingly turning to Kevlar for motorcycle skid wear and protection. There are many bikers that don't embrace the leather-clad look and this is where Kevlar pants really shine. From casual camouflage to dressier khaki cargo pants to jeans, practically every style of traditional pants and trousers can be replicated with Kevlar protection integrated either throughout or in key areas. For motorcycle riders the ability to go straight from the bike to work without worrying about stowing heavy leather outwear like pants or chaps means saving time without sacrificing protection. Many off these biker pants are so well crafted and designed that it is not even obvious that they are actually reliable safety gear. There are several styles that boast removable skid pads, too.


Kevlar Pants

Firefighters have long appreciated the durability and reliable performance offered by Kevlar and for those on the front lines of western wildfires and brush fires these pants are especially valuable. Cargo styles are the most popular in blends of Nomex and Kevlar. These pants are resistant to cuts and tears and are flame resistant and flexible even after being exposed to high temperatures. Many suppliers add value by offering options like reflective trim and leg zippers for ease of use


Of course, loggers and handymen that use chainsaws or other power tools have relied on Kevlar for safety gear for years. Chainsaw chaps and chainsaw pants are without question one of the most important pieces of protective gear on the market to avoid a life threatening injury. These pants will not bring a running chainsaw to a dead stop, but the extra second or even fractions of a second of reaction time they allow the operator can be critical. Kevlar pants can provide enough protection to allow a chainsaw operator more reaction time to deal with a kickback, slip and fall, or other chainsaw mishaps.


Besides motorcross and bmx riders, there are other sports that utilize Kevlar in uniform construction. There are special goalie pants for soccer players that feature Kevlar knee pads and linings at key points. Other sports rely on traditional pants fabric, but add Kevlar pads as supplemental protection.

Kevlar pants offer the strength of steel in a lightweight and comfortable fabric. This synthetic material remains one of the most dependable fabrics for leg protection. They are available at many uniform supply houses and Kevlar pants are available online at retailers like Amazon. The cost of these pants is high, but when compared to the cost of hospitalization or a permanent disability the cost is easily justified. Hi-tech protective pants are not for everyone, but for those in dangerous professions or who practice extreme sports they are a necessity.