London's glorious Garden

England has a long history of gardening that has inspired and fascinated millions of people all over the world; the variety of gardens in England ranges from city squares to botanic gardens; in fact there is an awesome selection to choose from but we will be focusing on the Kew Gardens.

 The main objective of Kew Gardens is conservation and scientific exploration; you will find unique plants, spectacular roses and amazing water lilies that are the envy of the world. It is surprising to find such a spectacular garden just minutes away from the city centre of London and it would be very interesting to know how the gardening experts can keep the garden looking so lush.


Kew Gardens - MediterraneanGarden (King William's Temple)Credit: Daniel M Ramirez

The best time of the year to go is during summer; Kew Gardens becomes one of the most fabulous city oasis; even if you are not keen on green areas, the Kew Gardens is a magical place; probably this is one of the reasons why it gained World Heritage status in 2003. Apart from the beautiful Azaleas, magnolias, bluebells, water lilies and unique roses, the Royal Botanic Gardens offers many attractions:


Palm House and Rose Garden

The glasshouses are the main attraction of the park; the main and more iconic one is the Palm House, a multi-layered greenhouse with a curvaceous exterior designed by Decimus Burton; in this glasshouse you will be able to find the largest seed in the world (double coconut palm), plants from Africa and Indian Ocean Islands; behind the Palm House you will find the Rose Garden.


Kew Gardens - Glasshouse Walkway (Palm House)


The Temperature House

It is the largest surviving Victorian green house in the world. The plants grown in this glasshouse includes lemon, tea and lime, among others.


Kew Gardens- Glasshouse Walkway (Temperature House)Credit: Daniel M Ramirez


Rhizotron & Xstrata Treetop Walkway

The same architect that designed The London Eye was responsible for designing this fantastic walkway that offers fantastic views of the garden. If you suffer from acrophobia it might not be a good idea to go anywhere near this 18mt high and 200mt walkway structure. You will find it between the Temperature House and the Lake.


Kew Gardens - Rhizotron & Xstrata Treetop WalkwayCredit: Daniel M Ramirez


Princess of Wales Conservatory

The more interesting thing of this conservatory is that it recreates ten different climatic zones and houses around ten water dragons that live and breed freely in order to control insects.


Kew Gardens - Princess of Wales ConservatoryCredit: Daniel M Ramirez



It is a 50mt Chinese looking structure; the Pagoda remains closed to the public but there are plans to re-open it in the future; even if it is not functioning at the moment the exotic building adds an interesting flavour to the park and it definitely has become an iconic attraction.


Kew Gardens "Pagoda"Credit: Daniel M Ramirez


Kew Palace

The Flemish bond architecture makes the palace a very exciting and unique building; built around 1631, it is the smallest of the British royal palaces. You need to pay extra if you want to enjoy this majestic palace as it is separately administered from the gardens.


Kew Garden "Kew Palace"Credit: Daniel M Ramirez


You will enjoy a fantastic day out in Kew Gardens; it offers many attractions and exotic plants, 100 years old trees, paintings, palaces, restaurants and cafes; if you are lucky to go on a sunny day, you can have a picnic in the garden and enjoy a great afternoon in company of your friends of family.


Opening times:

Opens every day of the year (excepts Christmas eve and Christmas day)



Kew Gardens



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