1913 Type Two Buffalo Nickel

Key date United States Buffalo nickels are now becoming difficult to find in the world of numismatic items. An increased collector base, due to Internet auction sites such as eBay and various others, has managed to pretty much suck the market dry.

This item's availability will continue to be reduced as coins are added to collections and removed from circulation. There are only so many that were produced and eventually none will remain. Once this occurs, the prices will put the coins out of the reach of the average man and turn collecting another issue of United States coins into an elitist hobby.

As of this moment, collectors can complete a full set of Buffalo nickels without a large investment. All years and varieties are obtainable and the cost is well below some of the other older and rarer issues. This is a good opportunity to get in before the market skyrockets on these items.

Starting out collecting Buffalos, folks should pay attention to sales on eBay and learn what prices are being realized for some of the rarities being sold. Look into historical auction results and find out how the different years your looking at have fared price wise and popularity as well. This can be figured out by how many bids the items are receiving as well as how many views. All available information right from the individual auction results page.

Learn the key dates or years that will cost the most and purchase these coins first. Get the highest priced holes in the set filled in the beginning of your endeavor and the set will become easier and easier to populate. This will help to finish your collection as it gets cheaper over time.

When deciding on a grade to keep as a minimum for your individual examples within the set, always match the highest price coin with the lower ones in the collection. Get an idea of how much you can afford to pay for the big ticket coins first and that will allow you to make a grade matched collection with nice aesthetic appearance. This goes along way when we get ready to sell.

Key dates for this series start in 1913 with the type two coin for this year. Still obtainable for ten or fifteen dollars in low grades, the first year of issue coin is getting harder and harder to locate. Higher graded examples will sell for up to 1,000 dollars so choosing the grade you can afford will be important.

There are error coins within this series in 1916 and 1918 as well as several other notable varieties. These however are not considered a part of a standard set of these coins. 1935 was another year that produced a double die.

Semi keys for the series are the 1914 D and the 1915 S, as well as 1921 S and 1926S. These are the secondary tier and should be collected after the higher priced key date coins. Again staying with common grading and aesthetic appearance to keep a well matched set going.

Housing our coins needs to be done with as much care as possible. A collectors book can be purchased with plastic slides to cover the coins. They also sell small clear acrylic containers to keep coins from being exposed to the elements and higher priced examples are routinely certified and encapsulated by third party grading services.

The key to collecting key date Buffalo nickels is to have fun. Enjoy yourself searching and meeting new people. Looking for that elusive key date coin can give us a quest in our journey through life. After all isn't one quest after another the secret to longevity?

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