So you've probably heard a lot of buzz about the Barnes and Noble Nook and are probably wondering what exactly all the hype is about. Is the Amazon Kindle exactly the same thing as the Nook? What are some of the differences from the Kindle 2.0 and the Nook? eBook readers are becoming very popular these days as they are very convenient and require less space in the era where space is of the utmost importance for many people.

There are some features that will make the Nook unique and marketable to the public. The first difference is that there is a small color touch screen navigation function that allows the user to search for and navigate the screen, sort of like a touch pad for a laptop. Also, the color navigation screen allows the user to browse books and book covers in full color. If you are curious about what the book cover looks like and want to browse titles in color, then the Nook is the way to go because the Kindle does not support color navigation. Also, the Kindle does not have a touch screen navigation function, but to many people, it's all about personal preference. If you are worried about not being able to read the books on the screen or having to squint to read the print don't worry, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. The Nook has a screen that is mostly anti-glare and a special type of electronic ink that makes reading the print on the screen very clear and crisp. Creators of the eBook stated that the patented ink technology will allow the reader to simulate reading from a brand new book. The best part is that users can change the font so that they can increase the text block in order to view smaller print.

One of the negative aspects of this eBook is that even though it has wi-fi capability, the Nook does not have access to a web browser as the creators of the book wanted users to focus on the reading experience instead of a internet browsing experience. However, this is a big hindrance as the Kindle does have this technology. The wi-fi function is set to allow the user's to download eBooks for free and access 3G networks for free in any Barnes and Noble (At&t). The eBook is priced right and will sell for under $300. The Kindle is currently price around $250. There are many nook reviews online, just Google "Barnes and Noble Nook Review" to get up to date reviews.