There are many different cookies and recipes for cookies. Some of the traditional types of cookies might be chocolate chip cookies or classic oatmeal cookies. A simple cookie recipe for a novice might be considered difficult if you have never cooked much before. A more complicated recipe for cookie may be impossible for a newcomer to cookie baking. Then a new cookie baker might wonder if they can use something else if they don’t have exactly what the recipe calls for. And then there is the question of what exactly is a moderate oven if that is what a cookie recipe calls for instead of a defined temperature.

1) Reading The Recipe

The first thing a person deciding to make a cookie recipe should do is read that recipe for cookie completely before even beginning to assemble the ingredients. Sometimes the instructions are misleading because of the way the recipe is written. Sometimes recipes forget to list an ingredient in the ingredients list yet tells the baker to use it in the instructions. An experienced baker has experience to find the missing bits but a new baker who doesn’t know how to cook a cookie won’t. So read it through so that you are prepared to do an important step which you have already combined the ingredients and set aside.

2) Read And Understand The Ingredients Before Assembling

After you read the recipe for cookie prep steps for the ease of actually preparing the cookie batter you should make sure you understand the ingredients list and have everything you need for a cookie recipe like for example for chocolate chip cookies you must have enough chocolate chips on hand and know how to cook for an excellent outcome. You do not want to have to stop the cookies and recipes for a quick trip to the store. Although some recipes can be easily be set aside at certain points.

3) Assemble The Cooking Utensils

Before you begin to assemble your ingredients for cookies and recipes you should get out all of the utensils you will need. This includes measuring spoons and bowls, the mixer and cookie sheets and don’t forget the parchment paper if that is used in the recipe. It is messy to have to stop and grease a cookie sheet when you have your hands full incorporating air into an egg mixture. After you assemble the utensils you can also preheat the oven. When you know how to cook you can make cooking easier with everything at hand when you need it.

4) Assemble The Ingredients

Not all recipes list the ingredients in the order they used. So when looking at how to cook a cookie recipe you need to gather up all of the items the recipe for cookie calls for. Not all cookies and recipes use the identical ingredients and this includes spices, sugars and the leavening ingredients and even the flour type used. An another important thing to note when assembling a cookie recipe is to make sure ingredients like the raising agent are fresh because often stale leavening agents will not perform and your cookies may flop.

5) Combine The Ingredients Called For In The Recipe

Once you have pulled out all of the ingredients from the recipe for cookie you are going to bake and have all of your measuring materials assembled you are ready to start the steps for the cookies and recipes. For example the recipe for cookie might tell you to sift together the flour, salt and baking powder and set aside. You need to do this before you can add them to the creamed sugar and butter. It is knowing how to cook and how to make cookies and recipes easy to prepare and put into the oven. It is a hassle to have to pull out the sifter from the recesses of your cupboard with sticky hands so do it up front.

6) Chop And Dice If Required

Not only do you have to get the proper ingredients together in their separate bowls if called for you also should coarsely chop ingredients if called for. For example if you are putting chopped nuts in the chocolate chip cookies you need to chop those nuts before you start he cookie batter. You will have measured out the chocolate chips so make sure you have chopped everything too. 

7) Small Assembly Bowls Are Convenient

When you have to add several different spices most cookie recipes instruct you to add the spices all at once. If your recipe says that then when you are assembling the ingredients you can use some small bowls like those that are about 3 inches in diameter and put all of the spices including sometimes the salt then you can just dump the spices into your mixer bowl when called for. This also cuts down on the dishes used.    

8) Room For Baking

Make sure when you are preparing your cookies such as chocolate chip cookies that you have enough room to perform all of the tasks so you are not pushing things aside as you do different steps. Clear off the counter if you have to or work on the kitchen table if you don’t need appliances with cords to make the cookies.

9) Clean Up As You Go

Not every kitchen has loads of room to make those chocolate chip cookies so as you use utensils remove them from the area. You can set them in the dishwasher or place them in the sink but just get them out of your way. It will make your cooking baking life easier.

10) Substituting Ingredients

If you are new to cookie making you don’t want to substitute ingredients unless you know that the substitute will work. For example you can use substitutes for butter but low fat margarine has higher water content. If the main flavor of your cookie is butter don’t substitute anything else or you will lose that wonderful buttery flavor and taste of that butter cookie.