Key Success Factors


What are Key Success Factors? Key Success factors consist of 1) Thinking BIG! 2) Deciding what you are passionate about. 3) Conditioning your mind. 4) Finding a mentor. 5) Building your dream team! 6) Taking massive consistent action Like a Billionaire. 7) Pace yourself!


Key Success Factors

The first step to success is deciding what you are passionate about? Fall in love with your passion! What does this mean? Someone recently told me their definition of in love is being able to see yourself with a person for the rest of your life. Why should you settle for anything less with your work? Discover something that you can get lost in the flow with. Ask yourself what could you see yourself doing for the rest of your life? Ask yourself what would you do for free that most people would consider work? What really gets your juices going? What makes you feel like jumping out of bed before the crack of dawn like a little kid on Christmas morning running out to open your presents? What do you love to create? Is it music, art or writing? Do you love helping other people? Do you love to dig deeper and deeper into something like a deep sea diver? Then perhaps you should consider the profession of a chemist or similar field where you can dig deeper and deeper. Or are more interested in exploring something more on the surface and moving on to something else exciting like a scanner. This could be an exciting career of a reporter, one day interviewing a mountain climber and the next day interviewing a successful business person. If you still don't know what you should be doing then you need to explore. Ask your family or friends what they notice about you. Are you more interested in using your brain or your brawn? Or maybe both? What challenges have you experienced and overcome yourself when growing up? Often this is a great place to start when deciding on your passions? What greater gift is there to help people through their challenges in life that you experienced yourself? Begin asking yourself these key questions so that you can start moving towards key success factors.



Think Big Success Factor

Donald Trump says you might as well think big it doesn't cost you any more. Although it sounds too simple, the fact is if you aren't living your dreams it's because you don't think BIG enough. Let me explain. I talk to people all the time that say I can't hire people. I have to do all the work myself because it's hard to get good help these days. Well guess what if that's what they believe then wa la! That's exactly what they will experience. It's as if the universe listens and says your wish is my command! These people really believe that they can't hire other people to work for them or to expand their business even though people have always done it and are continuing to do it today. Instead of saying they can't do it they should ask themselves a better question-- How can I do it? How about having a better system in place to hold employees accountable. A better hiring procedure. A better incentive program? How about modeling all this after a very successful business who has a proven track record doing all this. It doesn't mean there won't be challenges but at least they will be manageable enough to succeed!


Condition Your Mind For Success

Well actually before you can think Big often you have to condition your mind. Some people don't have to condition their mind much because they grew up around enough prosperity and successful people that they can clearly see the Big goals or dreams as if they all ready materialized before they even take the first step. Most people haven't been surrounded by success on this level so that seeing prosperity in this way just isn't realistic. How can you tell if you really need to condition your mind for achieving your dreams. Believe it or not your dreams are a great place to start. For as long as I can remember my dreams have been very conflicting. I have one reoccurring dream where I am flying like superman and in each dream it seems I can fly farther and faster. But I also have dreams that make me feel like I am in a Stephen King movie. I literally crash and burn. I remember one dream where out of nowhere suddendly I am on a runway running for my life as great BIG airliner is on fire and getting closer and closer until it crashes almost on top of me. As you can imagine this dream is terrifing. What do my dreams mean? Well my life as my dreams reveal have been filled with some pretty big ups and downs. A few years ago I was trying to get myself launched but not getting off the launch pad more than about two inches but helped launch an achholic man that was kicked out of his house and living in his attic. In a few short weeks he went from not being able to support his family to earning well over $1,000 per week. He thanked me because for the first time in his life he had the money to buy his family Christmas presents and support his family. Knowing that somehow I was a small part of helping this man and his family brought tears to my eyes. Recently, I had a really bad heart attack that has taken me about a year to begin to feel like myself again. Shortly after I have two books I published with Barnes&Noble.Yin Yang. Well, our dreams may always have some conflicts but until success, peace, joy and love are the predominant messages our subconscious mind is always going to hold us back from our true potential in life. So how do we activate our subconscious mind to live the dreams we were meant to live. We begin by filling our minds with more positive stuff than the negative stuff going in or we way sabotage ourselves without fully realizing it. Sometimes it may seem like we don't have enough money or resources or time or knowledge or what ever. And logically this may be true but remember the world is shaped by many unrealistic people. Walt once said "I could never convince the financiers that Disneyland was feasible, because dreams offer too little collateral." Walt Disney wasn't being realistic when he kept pushing to go to over 300 hundred banks to get a loan for Disney Land. People said no one is going to drive all the way to orange county and pay to get in instead of paying per ride but Disney a dream and saw it all materialize long before it ever happened. Here's how to tap into your subconscious mind. First I recommend having a vision board. For years I worked on my book but it wasn't until I had a vision board and looked at a picture of my dream of finishing my book that it shortly happened. The next thing you should do is see your dreams as already materalized. See it like Disney as if already happened. Each day take a few minutes and see your dreams. Hear it with as much emotional intensity as possible. If you want a new car hear the engine roaring as you step on the gas. Smell the aroma of the leather seats. See the curvy contour of the car. Even better take your dream car for a spin. Next speak in the present tense tell yourself "I love driving this car" over and over again until it feels completly real. Your subconscious mind can't tell the difference between what is imaginary and what has actually hapened. This sets up a gap between were you are and acomplidshing your dream. Your subconsious mind will do what ever it takes to reach your dream!



Success Factors For Finding a Mentor

You can be very passionate about something but unless your business is global you may find it challenging to sell scarfs to people in Hawaii. At first you may not know the answers to these questions so you have to go directly to the source. Many people try to way all of this in their head. Don't unless you are like rain man it's too much to sort! Find an expert in the fields that you are passionate about? Many people are concerned about helping people that may compete against them so sometimes it's a good idea to ask outside your area or make sure there is something in it for them. Take them out to lunch or offer to help them with their business. This could be something as simple as putting them in touch with someone you know that could offer them a discount on their advertising or maybe they love tennis and want to learn and you are a tennis expert. If you really think about it the possibilities for key success factors are endless. I recently wanted to learn more about the bulk vending machine business. I picked up the phone and called Roger Folz the most successful person in the bulk vending business. Roger had over 200,000 locations grossing over 55 million dollars per year. He graciously agreed to a 4 1/2 hour video interview were I asked him over 100 really in depth questions. Everything from A to Z! to be successful in the bulk vending business. He was so flatted that I wanted to interview him that even though we insisted that we take him to lunch he took me and my woman out to lunch. You may be wondering if that was a fluke that someone that successful would sit down for an interview. The answer is no. I also interviewed a very successful sand scupture Walter Swartz that made the biggest sand scupture in the world ever and just a few weeks ago I was at Buffalo Wild wings and ran into a good friend of Jon Bones Jones, the UFC light heavy weight champion of the world and he offered me Jon's number so that I can interview him. To put this in perspective for those of you who aren't big UFC fans interviewing Jon Bones Jones is the equivalent of interviewing Mahamad Ali back in the day. Yes Jon Bones Jones is that BIG! Getting an interview with him is literally being a part of history! The secret to success that most people don't know is that many successful people that seem out of reach to approach for help aren't really out of reach at all. Yes many of these successful people are approachable so that you can start identifing success factors.


Building Your Successful Dream Team

What's the difference between wealthy people and those who aren't. Wealthy people are true masters at understanding that many people are more talented than they are. They recognize their strenghs and weakneses and just focus on their strengths. Instead of trying to do everything themselves they are the orcastrators simply bringing together the most talented people they can find. Sometimes they even replace themselves with a person that does the orcastrating. As Peter Gurber mentions in his book E Myth successful people go to work on their business instead of in their business.


Taking Massive Consitant Action

You can do all the Key Success factors I just mentioned. 1) Deciding what you are passionate about. 2) Thinking BIG! 3) Conditioning your mind. 4) Finding a mentor. 5) Building your dream team! but if you don't take massive consistant action then you may not survive in todays competitve market. Think about it successful people don't just follow through once in a while. No! Instead they go to battle day in and day out. You have to want it really bad! Be hungry! While you are resting or idle your competition may be forging ahead. Forget about having a business where you just build a business to a certain level and maintain it. It this is your mind set you are already in trouble because there are just two many unknown factors that can send you into a tail spin.


Pace yourself

I remember running a road race before where this person kept blasting me running only to see him gasping for air once I passed him again. thi senerio went back and forth several times until finally he just couldn't keep up with me. It's the same way in business. You don't have to go the speed of a turtle in fact you can go at it at a demanding pace but just go go so fast and hard that you run out of steam. What good is it if you blaze ahead with your hair on fire only to ruin your health or throw the rest of your life out of balance. I heard of plently of people who were successful with their business but wish they could get back the time they lost with their family and friends. Don't let this happen to you! Now don't just read this! Go out and really apply these key success factors!



Here Were My Top Dreams


Life Coach / Book Author

Relationship/ Therapist/ Private Practice

Psychology Professor


Ask Yourself what your top three dreams are.

Then rank them from 1 to 7.

1 being least positive and 7

being most positive senerio


More Key Success Factors

Here is how I ranked my dreams from the order above.

How passionate are you about this dream? 7/ 6 /4

I am sooo passionate about being a life coach/author that I find it almost impossible to pull myself away from my work.I see this as the most import success factor. In fact I don't see it like work at all. I have fallen in love with what I do and lose track of time when I'm in the flow so that's why I rank this as 7! The other two are a tie because they don't allow me to be as creative and I love to create!


How much time will it take to reach your dreams. 1/ 3 /4

Well, once again the proof is in the pudding! I literally worked on my book, U Success Guru, for 20 years doing in depth research of the healthiest, wealthiest and happiest people on the planet but I love what I do so much that I was willing to do what ever it took to reach my dreams even though it was unbelievably time consuming. This is one of the most important success factors. I rank it a 1. The next most time consuming path is Relationship/Therapist/ Private Practice. First It requires a 4 year Bachalors degree. Then it requires 2 more years for amasters degree. Then you have to work for so many hours before you get enough experience to go into private practice. The least time consuming path is a psychology professor. It requires everything the Relationship/Therapist/ Private Practice without the long work experience before you can even get started.


How much money? 7/ 1/ 2

Well since there are so many free and very effective ways to market your website or book today I rank my life coach/author as a 7 for my top choice! My other two choices are close but going into private practice with counseling often requires a pysical place to do business even though you could certainly do all of your business online. A psychology professor you just have to show up. You don't have the overhead so I give a slight advantage to psychology professor. This factor isn't nearly as important as the first two.


What special skills? 7 1 2

By special skills I mean formal education. Being a relationship counselor by far requires the most special skills. First you need a 4 year bachelors degree plus masters degree which requires another 2 years plus work experience on top of this since insurers might not reimburse you without enough experience.


Demand Factor For Success 7 5 4

You are definetely more at the mercy of supply and demand if you are searching for a career as a psychology professor or anything else instead of creating a career since the person who lands the job is based on what employers decide. Striving to be a relationship counselor in private practice is a safer bet for offering what is in demand but demand is constantly changing. Striving to be a life coach/author offers me many more opportunities to adapt to to fullfill the needs of the ever changing supply and demand Life because I have the flexibility of offering so many different success strategies.


Competition Factor For Success 7 6 5

It seems everything is always becoming more competitive. Again my top choice has to be Life Coach/Book Author because as everything becomes more competitive I am at the helm of the ship so I can adapt swiftly to changes. I also understand that instead of competing against your competition often it's better to work with them on joint ventures. My next best choice is Relationship/Therapist/ Private Practice, because it offers me some of the flexibility to adapt but less than my first choice. Psychology Professor I have to rank as last because although I think it could be a great profession it offers me the least amount of control to hedge against competition since I have to rely on someone else to try to land the job and to keep it.



Select your top three choices for success like I did then add it all up!

My score for Life coach/Book Author is 36!

My score for relationship therapist is 22

My score for psychology professor is 21

Clealy my dream of Life coach/Book Author makes the most sense!

Don't just read this really do this excercise for yourself! Unless you are rain man you just can't sort all this in your head that's why it's so important to use the chart. Rank everything and discover your true key success factors and passion!

Success Factors

Key Success Factor