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Key West

If you are looking for one of the possible day trips to Florida, then come to the island of Key West, Florida. You can take one of the cheap trips to Florida from the mainland and get there in a short period of time and stay at one of the hotels in Florida.

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History of Key West

Key West is also called Cayo Hueso or Bone Island because history tells us that it has many bones buried within it from a Native American burial ground or battlefield. It was under Spanish control most of the time in its history, but for a brief period between 1763 and 1783 it was under British rule. In 1821 Matthew C. Perry claimed Key West for America.

Key West is the Gibraltar of the West due to the fact it was right in the sea shipping lanes of the times.

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What Does Key West Have to Offer Tourists?

Key West is one of the Florida attractions that get about a million tourists every year. It is said to have a liberal nature and is a good choice for cheap visits to Florida if you are gay due to the estimated five percent of the population there being gay.

Key West also has many bars and clubs to see and good restaurants to have a nice meal and linger over a cup of coffee and talk to friends or natives. It is a small island at only four miles long and two miles wide, so it’s easy to just take some time to stroll along and take in the sights and sounds.

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Famous Key West Residents Attract Tourists

 Ernest Hemingway fans sometimes take cheap visits to Florida to Key West to see the Key West location where the write was said to have written his famous A Farewell to Arms when he lived over a Ford car dealership in Key West. There are even decedents of the famous writer’s polydactyl cats who have six or seven toes on each foot instead of the normal five. They are cared for by the Hemingway House, which is also one of the Key West Florida attractions, and are related to Hemingway’s original cat named Snowball.

Tennesse Williams is another famous Key West visitor and was said to have written A Streetcar Named Desire while living in the La Concha Hotel in Key West in 1947. Williams even bought a home there in 1949 and stayed there until his death in 1983. It is located at 1431 Duncan Street as another of the Key West Florida attractions you can take pictures of, but it’s not open to go inside of it.

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Key West Military Attractions of Note

Key West also houses a U.S. military base called NAS Key West on Boca Chica. In the past it has held more than 1,600 active duty members, as well as more than 2,500 family members and more than 1,300 civilian workers. The Navy pilots there fly training missions.

There is also the Truman Annex at Key West, which is a submarine pen and was home to the Fleet Sonar School. However, it is now decommissioned and is privately owned, though once President Truman made it his winter home.