Account Management is a career path that is a highly lucrative for many people, but a crushing defeat for others. Managing multiple clients effectively can prove challenging. There are many effective practices that can make account management a prosperous career, and keep it from becoming overwhelming.

Organization and time management skills are important to account management success. A personal organizer or planner is an excellent tool to help with sorting through appointments, and to-do items. Checking voice mail and e-mails will be more efficient by recording important information into an organizer during the process of reviewing messages. The personal organizer should be readily available during all work times for quick referencing, providing an easy solution to time management difficulties.

Account Management relies heavily on relationships and contacts. Establishing numerous contacts with an account make it easier to evaluate the customer’s needs and the solutions that you can offer. Key account contacts should be contacted regularly, at least once a month. 

Well developed communication skills can be a great impact to success. Asking appropriate questions and taking the time to truly listen can reveal the priorities and motivations of the customer. Understanding how body language and tone of voice can give messages allows access to more information than the client initially reveals with words. The information gathered through a true communication process can lead to additional needs that the client could benefit as well as insight to the appropriateness of timing specific offers.

Having an extensive knowledge base of the products and services used by the customer is a main requirement in account management success. Understanding how the product or service is used, made, priced, and shipped is an additional tool in determining the solutions to offer for a client’s needs. Being able to show how a client can save time, increase profits, or benefit more than with the competitor’s similar services can be the determining factor in winning over the business.

Also, developing a broad base of the customer’s industry and business is profitable. Learning more about the customer’s industry leads to an understanding of the challenges that are created for the customer. Understanding the client’s business practices and methods provides insight into how they meet these challenges, and the solutions that can be offered for assistance.

Developing these skills is important to success in account management. Maximizing the income from sales and the benefits received by the customer’s use of products or services is profitable for both parties, and leads to success.

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