Above Everything Else, Google Hates Being Manipulated.

If you focus on keyword density - you are attempting to manipulate Google.

Just last week in the question and answers section of hubpages a young man was asking questions because he'd had some very high page rank articles, and instead of creating more articles, he'd decided to make his already published and succesful ones match some predetermined keyword density that he'd thought would improve them.

All of his pages vanished from the search engines as soon as he'd achieved his ultimate search engine optimization goal of whatever the silly keyword density formula was that he'd decided to use.

Now I felt badly for the guy.  I honestly felt badly for him.  I did, however, have to break the news to him - he got slapped, he got the big hand of Google slapped right across his internet face.  Honestly, he deserved it too.  Its just like seeing someone who is already rich get greedy, and act like old Ebenezer Scrooge.  What a lot of work that must have been!!!  rewriting your own work to match some fake internet guru's keyword density recommendations - that has to be about the most boring thing one could possibly do.  It actually sounds like some cruel form of punishment in some outer ring of Dante's Hell.

 I'm pretty impressed and well pleased with the function and formatting here at Info Barrel, and I like the way I always see the module over to the right in "create" mode that says whether or not there are any keyword density problems.  That is a good and handy little thing they've made for all of us, and I'm absolutely joyous that it doesn't tell me what my keyword density actually is.

It is my opinion that focusing on keyword density is the dumbest thing you could be doing as an online writer, and that it should be avoided altogether...completely.

Please do note here that we are discusing keyword DENSITY, and not keywords.  Keywords are useful, keyword density is useless.

I Am A Google Sandbox Veteran.

Here is what happened to me.

Over on Hubpages where I started and learned most of what I know about creating successful online content I used to use an rss feed capsule at the bottom of every single last thing I published there.  Now, rss feeds are great things - but the problem seemed to be that having the same rss feed for my latest hubs at the bottom of every single last hubpage...was that it was in effect, duplicate content.

It was more than that - the rss feed capsules were also clearly a game, a manipulation, and meant entirely to fool Google into the notion that every hubpage with one was "fresh content" as soon as the next hub was published.  You see, every time someone published something new - the rss feed capsules would update on every hubpage that had one - this was a dishonest form of trickery, and a manipulation of Google's search engine, and Google caught onto the game too.

Soon as everyone realized that they were being penalized by Google for having duplicate content via the same rss feed capsules on every one of their hubpages, one of the wiser web writers on the site, and he is here on this one too, and others - published a thing about how the best thing to do would be to just delete all the rss feed capsules on hubpages.  I read his advice, and I took his advice.  I stayed up pretty late one night doing the boring as hell mechanical editing and deletion of all ,close to three hundred, rss feed capsules.

Obviously, for the next couple days my traffic soared!!!!  Of course deleting those big chunks of content from every last page in my subdomain TRULY made everything "fresh content."

But Google apparently thought that I'd done that to manipulate them too, and soon my Hubpages subdomain was sandboxed.

Do I think I deserved to be sandboxed for my actions?  Well no I do not, but you can well bet that I learned a bit about how Google "thinks" about such things.  I'm beyond convinced they saw my actions as manipulation, and they slapped the hell out of my hubpages subdomain for it.  The fact that I'd removed all my rss feed capsules to NOT be manipulating Google, or seeming to be manipulating Google - is beside the point, and all of that business is in the past.  I'm beyond recovered on hubpages, and I'm now good for over twice the daily traffic there that I was before my trip to the very real Google sandbox.

Google Is NOT Evil - Google Is The World's Finest Search Engine

Don't Mess With Google - And Google Won't Mess With You!

Don't Mess With Google.

Providing The World's Best Search Results Pages - And Striving To Always Do JUST THAT.

Now please don't think that I totally endorse all things Google.  I do not, and I've got some issues with them - just like everyone else in the business of online writing does.  Facts are facts - Google is huge, and I simply DO trust that they're honest so far as their stated goals are concerned regarding their famous search engine.  They only want to provide the best possible results for any given search terms entered into their search engine.  Yes, I really believe that.  No, they are not perfect.

Google continually updates their search engine's algorithm, and anyone that doubts this is truly clueless.  Google continually penalizes anyone that they see or think is manipulating them, or trying to manipulate them in any way.

While keywords will always be a big part of on page search engine optimization - natural writing is what readers like.  What readers like is what Google wants to provide, and keyword density is a dark ages concept of on page search engine optimization that you'd best damn well forget about.


You've been warned.