Keyword Domination In Your Niche Market

Keyword domination in your niche market is an article that can help you take your writing to the top of key search results for your given area of expertise. Getting to the number one spot of Google's results pages can dramatically increase your exposure and gain you the notoriety of an expert author in your field.

When writing on line content for publication, certain keywords and keyword phrases are used to promote the work to the indexing powers that be. These keywords are normally researched in advance of writing the piece. On line authors have learned the best way to monetize their work is to target high paying low competition keywords and write about the topics that can easily incorporate these keywords throughout the content. This is one method of looking at keywords.

Another way, and a way that I find has much better results, is to write about what you are well versed in and then search your work for keywords to target. Using SEO techniques with the proper densities of each keyword relevant to your content then becomes a natural occurrence and the search engines are fanatics for naturally occurring keywords when indexing sites.

Most authors put a great deal of time and effort into making their words easy to read. The reader should feel at ease rambling through the text without stumbling blocks, distractions in grammar and punctuation. If a writer's work reads well, then it is going to get a better index ranking then if it's stuffed with unnatural sounding text that seems forced.

Usually the title will contain your main keywords or phrases. This is the first instance in the article to show the reader as well as the search engines what the article entails. The keywords should be then incorporated in the first sentence of the article to strengthen the literary appearance that the content within is worth opening.

Now we go to our secondary keywords and each of these should have about a 2 percent density throughout the article. Synonyms for the words should be used extensively. This helps to bring in traffic directly related to what were writing about without making the piece look spammy. Over use of any keyword will be seen as an attempt to coerce the rankings and that's just a no no when performing SEO.

Our main keywords have appeared in our title and the first sentence of the work. The remainder of the articles body should not see the exact keyword again until the last paragraph were it should be inserted again. This will give us three instances of our main targeted keyword.

Add one more for an image caption and this should be the perfect extent of density to gain the most positive rankings for the term we're after. Use secondary keywords at a two percent density and you should soon be experiencing a traffic jam on your published pages.

Never blast keywords in heavy density to try to force the work into the rankings.This will send your article into the obscure darkness of Internet content that gets buried each and every day. Writing on line can be very rewarding when we receive feedback and traffic increases with time. People go to our work and return positive reinforcement that we have done a good job providing information that is useful and relevant to the subject at hand.

When I do go looking for keywords that will turn a good profit per click, I'm usually looking for topics rather then single words or phrases. Subjects that as a whole are high paying. Volume only goes so far if a topic has an average click of .01 cents when there are subjects out there that will generate clicks for much larger amounts.

Targeting individual keywords is difficult to rank because we have to get them in the content somehow and they don't always fit well. Targeting entire subjects will bring natural keywords because they are already in your work. Turning this process around and getting the keywords to shoot for after the work is done is much easier to do when generalizing your work to a broad topic.

An example would be a series on energy efficient automobiles. If I target hybrids as my main keyword, I'm limiting myself to people searching for this term. If on the other hand I target green automobiles, I will be gaining search traffic from many other keywords such as environmentally green cars and green transportation, gas savings, fuel savings, cheap transportation and many other secondary keywords.

Take any article your thinking about writing and write it both ways. Research your keywords first and write using these topics like you would normally do. Then rewrite the article without thinking about keywords at all. 90 percent of the time the naturally sounding text without the manipulation of wording to create proper density will rank higher and faster on all the search engines.

With millions of pages competing for the spot you want, it's a crucial part of writing on line to know what gets the top spot. Number one priority will always be great content, number two is getting that content where people will see it. Keyword domination in your niche market takes a lot of publishing within that targeted area. The more you write, the more places you have to link similar content together. This brings your readers along for the entire ride.