Keyword research is a little like making the Halloween rounds of your neighbors home when you were a child with your "goody" bag ready for unknown treasures and pleasures. you might remember that last year old Mr. Robinson was giving out fifty cent coins but as you run up his porch steps the next year expecting that same treat you discover that this years goody is a mini peanut butter cup.


You walk off the porch dejected thinking that this year is going to be a bust. However at the next house you are rewarded with not one but three of your favorite full size candy bars.


Now that you are older and hopefully no longer making those rounds except with your children in tow, you have discovered you have a knack for producing articles. You enjoy writing articles about various topics and have found that if you submit them to a site like InfoBarrel and a few others that you can actually make some income. If you work hard you can actually make a very good income.

So you began writing about all those ideas and themes that have been rolling around in your head. You submit article after article and keep a close track of the amount of traffic you are receiving to each article.

For some reason you are not getting much traffic. In an effort to find out why you log into the InfoBarrel forum where some very successful and helpful members let you know that if you are not doing keyword research with at least the free adword keyword tool or a paid keyword tool and adding some SEO optimization with your articles you will find it difficult to get traffic because no one will find your articles.

You put that mysterious SEO stuff on hold and began doing some serious keyword research and watching carefully for keyword ranking  of the keywords and keyword phrases you find and this is where you feel like you are back on your Halloween rounds.

You get started one day with an article about motorcycle ramps half way formulated in your mind and you can't wait to get it written. But first your do you due diligence and search for the right keywords.

Your keyword tool research for motorcycle ramps brings back this result.
motorcycle ramps    1900    $1.10

Not too shabby. 1900 local searches a month and $1.10 in CPC

Could work but 1900 searches is nothing to get excited about. However you also find this keyword.

Motorcycle lift table  2400  $1.46

Things are looking up. This keyword gets 500 more local monthly searches and is paying  0.36 cents more in CPC

Right next to that keyword you find this:

motorcycle lifts    2900    $1.59

Even better. More searches and better CPC. But wait a minute I wanted to write about motorcycle ramps not lifts or tables. But the keyword search tells you that to do so you will be losing a lot of potential traffic and will be paid a smaller portion of CPC for any clicks to your Adsense Ads.

Yeah this is definitely a Trick and not a Treat.

What to do?

You ask yourself who might use these motor cycle lifts, ramps and lift tables? Well obviously a motorcycle mechanic would. What does the keyword motorcycle mechanic look like.

Motorcycle mechanic    1900    $5.48

Wow a little less traffic but a significantly higher CPC. Now you realize that you could use motorcycle mechanic for your primary keyword and in your article you could describe how he uses these tools:

 motorcycle ramps      1900    $1.10
 Motorcycle lift table  2400    $1.46
 motorcycle lifts           2900    $1.59

You just turned a Trick into a definite treat.

Here's another example of turning a keyword trick into a treat.

You are a golfer and your golfing buddies have been complaining lately about problems with their electric golf carts. So on the way home you began to formulate an article about the golf battery. It's an easy article. Talk about how to maintain them and charge them and how not to abuse them.

Once at home you fire up your favorite keyword tool and search for golf cart battery and this is what you find.

golf cart battery            1600    $0.58

Darn. Had this article almost written in my mind but golf cart battery is really not worth wasting an article on.


But if you keep from getting discouraged and look a little closer look what happens if you just make that old singular battery a plural.

golf cart batteries           12100    $0.68

Amazing. Look at those local monthly searches and while the CPC is nothing to write home about the volume could make an article profitable. But that's not all if you just keep looking you would find these additional keywords:

battery tender                   18100    $0.94
golf carts                            27100    $0.89
golf cart parts                     8100    $0.98

What might happen if you wrote your article using anyone of these keywords as the primary and included the others in the article. The article you were originally thinking about would be almost the same because you could be talking about the battery but stretching the article to include these other keywords.

Another Treat.

I find that many times something will trigger an article in my mind. I can almost visualize the article but when I do the keyword search I might find that my original keyword is a bummer. At one time this would make me angry. But experience has taught me that if I look the keywords over closely I can usually find a better keyword even if it is on a completely different subject. The point is if I did not start doing some research I would never find any keywords. Getting started is what makes it work.

One of the most important skills I believe an article marketer has to develop is the ability to walk away from a subject that does not have the potential of bringing in sufficient traffic or has a CPC that is high enough to make it profitable even with low traffic.

If you give in and do not do the proper keyword research your wonderful articles may lay unnoticed for years in some dusty old Google database. Samuel Johnson once remarked, "No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money."
Boswell:  Life

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